Review-City of Dragon Book By Robin Hobbs

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City of Dragons, the third book in the Rain Wild Chronicles series by Robin Hobb, takes us further into the amazing world she’s created in her previous books. For those who have been following the series, this world is already well-known and loved. In this book, we dive even deeper into the story, getting to know more about the characters and the magical land they live in. It’s like going back to a place you love and finding new, exciting things to explore. The story continues from where it left off, making fans of the series feel right at home, but it also adds new layers to what they already know.

In City of Dragons, Robin Hobb keeps telling us about the dragons and the people who take care of them in the Rain Wilds. The dragons used to be really strong and amazing, but now they’re having a hard time and aren’t as powerful as they once were. This situation is like a story that shows us how our environment can get damaged and lose its beauty and strength. Hobb is really good at creating characters that feel real. Every dragon and their human partner have their own unique personalities and problems. We see them change and grow in ways that are really impressive, like watching a painting come to life. This book isn’t just about adventures; it’s also about understanding these characters and seeing how they change over time.

The city named Kelsingra in the book, City of Dragons, is like a big puzzle that has made readers curious ever since it was first talked about in Robin Hobb’s earlier books. In this book, Hobb starts to explain more about this mysterious city. She tells us about its past and why it’s so important to the dragons. Reading about Kelsingra is really interesting, and it answers some questions we’ve had. But Hobb is clever – she doesn’t tell us everything. She leaves some things a mystery, which makes us even more excited to read her next books to find out more.

Robin Hobb keeps telling the story in the way she’s known for: focusing a lot on her characters. Characters like Alise Finbok and Sedric Meldar, and others too, keep changing and growing in interesting ways. We get to see their personal stories, which are closely connected with what happens to the dragons. Hobb writes about these characters and their feelings in a way that’s really deep and shows she understands them well. This is something she’s really good at.

she also makes us think about big ideas like who we are (identity), how we change (transformation), and the special connections that can exist between different kinds of beings, like humans and dragons. She talks about these ideas in a way that’s easy to understand and really makes you think.

City of Dragons is a great book, but it’s not perfect. One thing some readers might notice is that the story doesn’t always move at the same speed. The book has a lot of details and sometimes it takes a while to get to the main points of the story. This can be a bit hard for readers who want the story to move faster.

Also, if you haven’t read the other books in the series, you might feel a bit lost. There’s a lot of history about the characters and what’s happened before that might be confusing if you’re new to the series. It’s like walking into the middle of a movie and trying to understand what’s going on. This book is really part of a bigger story, so it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for a book that stands on its own.

In the end, City of Dragons shows how good Robin Hobb is at creating amazing worlds and characters that feel real. This book is a special treat for fans who have been following the series. It gives more depth to the story and the people in it; these parts of the book feel very real and touching. Even though the story might move a bit slowly at times, the overall story is so rich and full that it’s worth it. For anyone who loves the world Robin Hobb has made, this book is more than just a good choice; it’s an essential part of a big and wonderfully made story.

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