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the rain of wild chronicles book series

Get ready for an amazing adventure with The Rain Wilds Chronicles by Robin Hobb! These books take you to an exciting, magical world filled with incredible stories. You’ll meet characters who feel like real friends and explore places you’ve never seen before. Discover the secrets of the Rain Wilds, the exciting dragons, and follow the journeys of people trying to find where they belong. This series is a mix of fun adventures and deep feelings, making it a story you won’t forget.

All of the books in the series

1. Dragon Keeper

2. Dragon Haven

3. City of Dragons

4. Blood of Dragons

Book 1

the dragon keeper book

Book 2

dragon haven book

Book 3

city of dragon book cover

Book 4

blood of dragon book cover

The Rain Wilds differ significantly from the settings in Hobb’s other works. This region is vibrant and full of wonders, but it also poses numerous challenges. The land is harsh and demanding, adding excitement and complexity to the characters’ journey. While this series stands apart from her previous works, it remains connected to the broader universe she has crafted, known as the Realm of the Elderlings. For those familiar with her other stories, these books offer new insights into the Elderlings, mysterious and influential beings in this world. They expand the narrative and enrich the overall universe. The Rain Wilds Chronicles can also be enjoyed by those new to Robin Hobb’s writing. The series is accessible to newcomers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the story without prior knowledge of her other books. It stands as an engaging adventure in its own right, brimming with mystery, danger, and compelling storytelling.

Right from the start of Dragon Keeper, the first book in The Rain Wilds Chronicles, we dive into an exciting and dangerous world. The story introduces us to Thymara, a young girl from the Rain Wilds. She’s struggling to fit in with what her community expects from her and is driven by a strong desire to learn and explore, even if it means breaking some rules. We also meet Serilla, who has the power of the Skill, but her life is overshadowed by a difficult past that she can’t seem to escape. Another key character is Leftrin, a tough and experienced sailor. He finds himself in the Rain Wilds, a place that is very different from anything he knows, and he struggles to understand this new and strange world.

These characters, each with their unique backgrounds and challenges, guide us through the story. We travel with them across the Mud Lands, a tricky and dangerous area that’s hard to navigate. We journey through the rainforests, which are beautiful and almost magical but full of hidden dangers. Finally, we reach the mysterious city of Kelsingra, home to the ancient and powerful Elderlings. Standing at the gates of Kelsingra is both scary and exciting because it’s a place full of secrets and ancient magic. Throughout the journey, the characters face many challenges and learn much about themselves and each other. They help us understand and feel part of this amazing and dangerous world. The journey to Kelsingra is not just about physical travel; it’s also about the characters growing and changing, making the story both thrilling and meaningful.

Robin Hobb shows incredible skill in creating the world of the Rain Wilds. In this place, every area is alive with its special beat. It’s full of amazing plants and animals that aren’t just there for show. They play important parts in the story, making the world feel real and alive. The dragons are at the very heart of this world. They are huge and powerful, and Hobb describes them in a way that makes us feel like we know them personally. These dragons are strong and can be scary, but they are also shown to be delicate and in need of care. This makes us both respect and feel for them. Hobb does a great job of showing how these dragons fit into their world. They are more than just big creatures; they have their place in the environment and are almost like people in how they think and feel. The line between animals and thinking beings gets blurry in the Rain Wilds. This makes the story more interesting and deep, as it’s not just about people but about a whole world where everything and everyone is connected. Hobb’s talent in making this world helps us get lost in the story and care about everything in it, from the smallest plant to the mightiest dragon

Robin Hobb takes her time to carefully build up the plot. She mixes together the personal stories of the characters and the big, complicated plans and secrets that affect their world. Each character has their own battles to fight. They struggle with their own fears and doubts, the expectations of the people around them, and the tough challenges of living in the Rain Wilds. Thymara’s journey is all about finding out who she is. Her story is like watching someone grow up and find their place in the world. It’s really engaging and makes you root for her. Serilla’s story is about trying to fix past mistakes and find peace. Her story is very emotional and makes you feel deeply for her. Leftrin’s story shows us how important it is to belong somewhere and how changing and growing as a person can be helped by being part of a community. All these stories are woven together in a way that makes the book not just about adventures in a fantasy world, but also about real human experiences and emotions. It’s a story that draws you in and makes you care about what happens to the characters, as they face both the dangers of their world and the challenges within themselves.

But the story isn’t just about deep thinking and feelings. It also has exciting action scenes that grab you. For example, there’s a thrilling part where Leftrin fights against a dangerous Silvership and another intense moment when Thymara bravely stands up to a fierce raka. Amid all the tough stuff, there are also beautiful, peaceful moments. One touching scene shows the sweet friendship between Leftrin and his pet serpent, Spark. Another breathtaking moment is when a new dragonship takes to the skies for the first time. These parts of the story are exceptional and make

If you read Robin Hobb’s other books might initially wish for the characters they already know. But The Rain Wilds Chronicles really do well on their own. This series adds more to the story of the Elderlings, giving new views on things that happened before and teasing us with exciting new secrets. If you haven’t read any of Robin Hobb’s books before, this series is a great place to start. It talks about important topics like caring for the environment, understanding different kinds of gender identities, and how societies change, which are things we see in our world too. This makes the story not just a fantasy adventure but also something that feels relevant and meaningful.

The series ends with Blood of Dragon, a book that finishes the story in a way that feels good but also a little sad. It wraps up the stories of the characters nicely, but still leaves some questions unanswered, making you think there could be more to explore later. The last pages of the book stay with you, showing how great Robin Hobb is at telling stories. They make you want to go back to the Rain Wilds and dive into its exciting, mysterious world all over again.

The Rain Wilds Chronicles is more than just a set of fantasy books – it’s a whole adventure. It takes you deep into a unique world, led by Robin Hobb, an author who knows how to grab your attention and make you feel part of the story. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read her books before or if this is your first time in the Realm of the Elderlings – you’re in for an unforgettable trip. Remember to imagine you’re packing your raincoat because this journey is going to be full of surprises.

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