Book Review: Roverandom By JRR Tolkien

Roverandom book cover

J.R.R. Tolkien is famous for Middle-earth series. But he also wrote a lovely children’s book called Roverandom that not many people know about . He first thought of this story in 1925, but it wasn’t published until after he passed away in 1998. I read and enjoyed this book, I want to tell you all about this special and lesser-known story.

Roverandom is a fun and imaginative story about a young dog named Rover. One day, after making a wizard angry, Rover is turned into a toy. This leads him on an incredible adventure to the moon and then under the sea. On his journey, he meets all sorts of magical animals like a dog who lives on the moon, a dog who swims in the sea like a fish, and even a dragon!

Even though this is a book for kids, Tolkien’s talent for making up incredible places and creatures is clear. He takes readers on a journey to amazing places like the moon and the bottom of the sea, describing everything in a way that makes you feel like you’re right there with Rover, meeting all sorts of wonderful animals and seeing beautiful sights.

Also, the story teaches us some important lessons through Rover’s adventures. It talks about how good it is to have friends, to be brave, and to think about what we do because our actions have results. As we follow Rover on his journey, we learn about being nice to others, not giving up, and how fun it can be to discover new things.

Roverandom isn’t a very long story, Tolkien does a great job of making characters that feel real and are easy to love. Rover, the main dog of the story, might be a bit naughty, but he’s also very lovable. His adventure helps him learn and grow, which is something people of all ages can connect with. The other characters he meets along the way, like the smart old wizard and the funny dog who lives on the moon, make the story even more interesting. Each new friend Rover makes adds something special to his adventure, making every part of his journey fun and full of surprises.

Just like we’d expect from Tolkien, Roverandom is written really well. The language flows nicely, with a magical and playful feel that makes it really fun to read. You can tell that Tolkien really loved writing and telling stories because every sentence is crafted with care. This makes the book enjoyable for both kids and grown-ups.

Roverandom is a wonderful and magical book that shows how good Tolkien is at telling stories. Even though it’s not as big or complicated as his more famous books, it has its own special charm and fun that can grab the attention of readers young and old.

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