Review- Blood of Dragon Book By Robin Hobbs

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As a devoted fan of Robin Hobb’s vast and complex series, reaching Blood of Dragons, the final book in the Rain Wild Chronicles feels like a significant achievement and a somewhat sad farewell to a world that has become incredibly dear. This closing chapter marks the peak of an adventurous journey and a moment of parting from a beloved universe filled with memorable characters and stories.

Hobb’s final installment in this series continues the journey of the dragons and their human companions, a narrative thread that has been skillfully woven since the Liveship Traders series. Blood of Dragons brings us back to the enthralling, yet perilous Rain Wilds and the elusive, dreamlike city of Kelsingra. Here, the saga of the dragons’ quest for survival reaches its zenith.

Robin Hobb has a special talent for making a world that feels very alive and characters that seem so real, they stick in your mind even after you finish reading the book. This novel, Blood of Dragons, is just like that. The dragons in the story are all different from each other, each with their unique way of being. It’s exciting to see how they change over time. They started in the earlier books as dragons with many problems and didn’t look like typical dragons. But as the story goes on, they become these amazing, powerful creatures. This change isn’t just about them looking different; it’s a big victory for them.

Robin Hobb doesn’t just do a great job with the dragons in her book; she’s also really good at creating human characters. People like Alise, Thymara, Sedric, and others in the story have changed a lot since the beginning of the series. In Blood of Dragons, we see how much they’ve grown in ways that are both small and big. They deal with things like figuring out who they are, falling in love, and finding what they want to do in life. These are things that many of us understand and feel in our own lives. This makes the characters feel very real and balances out the more magical parts of the story.

Story-wise, Blood of Dragons does a really good job of finishing up all the different big story parts that have been going on. Robin Hobb’s story is like a big, complicated picture, and she does well in bringing it all to a good ending. However, in some parts, it feels like things end a bit quickly. The big battles and solutions in the book show just how huge and impressive the world she created is.

This last book, Blood of Dragons, isn’t perfect and has some tough parts. For people who haven’t read the other books in the series, it might be hard to understand all the small details and history that make the story so rich. Also, even though the story usually moves along well, sometimes the speed of the story changes and feels a bit off. Some parts of the plot are wrapped up in ways that seem a bit too simple or easy.

Blood of Dragons is a perfect and touching ending to an amazing adventure. It wraps up the big ideas of change, forming bonds, and the ongoing fight to figure out who you are and how to keep going. These themes have been important throughout the series. For fans who have followed the characters through their adventures in the Rain Wilds, this book gives an ending that feels right. It matches the series’ deep and complicated story well and satisfies you.

In the end, Blood of Dragons really shows how amazing Robin Hobb is at making worlds and characters feel real and full of emotion. If you’ve been reading about the dragons’ adventure from the first book, this one is a book you should read. It’s also a great reason for new readers to start at the beginning of Robin Hobb’s stories and see the world she has created.

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