Review- Dragon Haven Book By Robin Hobbs

dragon haven book

Dragon Haven, the second book in Robin Hobb’s Rain Wild Chronicles, picks up the exciting story started in Dragon Keeper. After the series’ first book, I was looking forward to reading this book. Hobb is famous for creating amazing worlds and characters that feel very real. In this sequel, she continues to amaze with her storytelling skills.

In Dragon Haven, the adventure gets even more gripping. We follow the journey of dragons and their human companions through the mysterious Rain Wilds. The way Hobb describes the settings makes you feel like you’re right there in the story. The dragons, with their unique personalities and problems, are especially fascinating.

The exciting story continues about dragons and their human friends, the keepers, as they travel along the dangerous Rain Wild River. They are looking for a legendary place called Kelsingra, a city from ancient times. This journey isn’t just about moving from one place to another; it’s also about the characters growing and changing inside. One of the best things about how Robin Hobb writes is how she shows the characters becoming more complex and how their relationships with each other grow. The dragons, who started off weak and needing a lot of help, start to become stronger and develop their own distinct personalities. This change in the dragons is like a mirror of what’s happening with their human keepers. As the dragons grow, so do the humans, learning more about themselves and becoming stronger in their own ways.

This book dives deep into these changes and the connections between the dragons and their keepers. It’s not just a simple story about a journey; it’s a look at how challenges can make both people and dragons change and become better. This is a key part of what makes Robin Hobb’s writing so special – her ability to show how characters evolve over time in a way that feels real and meaningful.

what makes this book different from the first one is the extra focus on how the characters grow and change. Take Alise Kincarron Finbok, for example. She’s a trader’s wife from a place called Bingtown. In this book, we see her change a lot. She used to be someone who mostly stayed at home and loved to learn, but now she’s becoming a strong and independent person. Her relationship with Leftrin, the captain of a special kind of ship that’s alive, is a big part of her story. Their relationship is sweet and complicated at the same time. It’s really interesting because it shows a kind of love and partnership that you don’t usually find in fantasy stories. This relationship feels very real and grown-up. It’s about how two people can care for each other and support each other in a deep and meaningful way. This part of the book adds something special and makes the story even more engaging.

The young people who take care of the dragons, called keepers, also change a lot. Thymara is one of these keepers, and she goes through some big changes. She has to deal with the rules and ways of life in the Rain Wilds, which is where they are. She’s also dealing with changes in her own body. Thymara’s story is about trying to figure out who she is and where she fits in. It’s really touching and easy to relate to. It’s like how sometimes we feel different from others or don’t quite fit in. Her journey and the challenges she faces in understanding herself and where she belongs are told in a way that feels real and is very moving. This part of the book will speak to anyone who has ever felt like they don’t quite fit in or are trying to understand themselves better.

A big part of the story is about how the dragons and the humans become close and learn to understand each other. This relationship between the dragons and humans is really important in the book. Hobb writes about it in a way that is gentle and shows a lot of understanding. She dives deep into how these two very different groups learn to get along and help each other, showing the friendship and trust that develops between them. This makes the dragons and their connection with humans a very touching and important part of the story.

Dragon Haven is a great follow-up to Dragon Keeper. It builds on the first book’s ideas and characters and prepares things for even more adventures. Robin Hobb is good at creating a world that is both magical and feels very real like it could be a part of our own lives. If you like Dragon Keeper, Dragon Haven is a must-read.

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