Book Review The wicked King By Holly Black (The Folk of The Air 2)

the wicked king book

The Wicked King second book of The Folk Of The Air series by Holly Black. If you’ve read The Cruel Prince, the story keeps going in The Wicked King, but it’s like a wilder, more tangled adventure. Things get even more thrilling and way more complicated, like a rollercoaster that suddenly goes faster and crazier. The Wicked King is a really thrilling book you can’t stop trying to solve, page after page. Just like the first book Every character, every turn, it’s all so absorbing! The way Black writes just pulls you into this world of faeries and their tricky, twisty ways. It’s a rollercoaster of intrigue and suspense that keeps you on your toes.

In The Wicked King, the speed of the story is just right—it’s like a perfectly timed dance. The tension keeps getting bigger and bigger, like waiting for a balloon to pop. You just can’t help but get more and more curious about what’s going to happen next.

All the different parts of the story are connected so well. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle, and every piece fits together perfectly in the end. When things all come together, it’s like reaching the end of a great adventure. You feel satisfied, but at the same time, you’re itching for more. It’s like finishing a fantastic meal and then wanting just a little bit more because it was so good!

The Cruel Prince is like setting up the game board, showing you the rules and players in this Faerie world. You get to know Jude and her struggles, and everything feels pretty intense. It’s like drawing the map for an exciting adventure.

Then comes The Wicked King, and it’s like taking that board game to a whole new level. Suddenly, the game gets more complicated and super thrilling. The story amps up the risks and the relationships between everyone. It’s like adding more floors to a building. More drama, more surprises, and more challenges for Jude.

The way Black writes, it’s like she’s knitting a really complicated blanket of friendships and betrayals. Each character is like an onion—lots of layers! This makes it tough to figure out who’s a real friend and who might turn out to be a foe. It’s a bit like playing a game where you don’t know the rules, and everyone is wearing masks.

Holly Black world building is amazing. It’s so real and intense that you feel like you’re right there. Everywhere you look, there’s something that could be dangerous. It’s like being in a land where you can’t really trust anything because things might not be what they seem.

she describes this Faerie world is super detailed. It’s like she’s painting this big picture with tiny brushes. You get to see everything about how things work there, the traditions they follow, and all the sneaky stuff happening in the politics. It’s like diving into a really colorful and intricate painting that just pulls you in. It feels like trying to solve a big puzzle where every piece is important.

Some readers might find the intricate political maneuvering and morally gray decisions in The Wicked King a bit complex or challenging to follow. The morally ambiguous nature of some characters and the intricate web of loyalties and betrayals might be a downside for those looking for straightforward heroes and villains. Additionally, for some, the pacing might feel slow in certain parts as the story builds towards its climax.

however, The Wicked King is a thrilling book. If you read The Cruel Prince You should read this book too. The way Black writes, it’s like she’s knitting a really complicated blanket of friendships and betrayals.

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