The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of The Air 3) Book Review

the queen of nothing book

The Queen of Nothing is the last book in Holly Black’s Folk of the Air series. It’s like the end of a big adventure that started with The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King. This final book is full of excitement, showing what happens to Jude Duarte in the land of Faerie. It’s a big ending and also shows some surprising things. It’s like the end of a puzzle where all the pieces finally fit together. If you’ve followed Jude’s tricky life and the politics of Faerie, this book brings everything to a thrilling close.

Holly Black’s writing is still amazing in how she describes the Faerie world. It’s like she paints a picture with words, making it feel real and full of both exciting things and things that might be scary. The people in the story, especially Jude, have changed a lot. They’ve become more complicated and interesting. Jude, especially, has changed a ton. She started off as a regular person trying to find her place and power in a world of magical creatures. Now, she’s become really strong and important in the Faerie world. Her journey is a big part of the story, and it makes her a character that’s easy to like and understand.

The story in the book is really exciting because it mixes together politics, feelings, and lots of important and risky actions. Holly Black, the writer, does a great job putting all these different parts of the story together. It feels tight and full of suspense because you never really know what’s going to happen next. Everything comes together in an ending that solves all the problems we’ve been wondering about from the earlier books. But for some people, this ending might feel like it happened really quickly or that everything was sorted out too perfectly.

A strong point of this series is how it looks at characters who aren’t clearly good or bad. In The Queen of Nothing, this idea continues. It keeps things unclear, letting readers think about what power, being loyal, and giving things up really mean. The characters aren’t just one thing or the other—they’re in the middle, which makes us think about what these big ideas really involve. The book lets us make our own decisions about what all these things truly mean.

The speed of the story is usually quick and interesting, but the ending might feel a bit hurried for people who wanted a longer wrap-up. Some of the solutions to the problems in the story could have been explained more, giving us a better look at what happens after everything’s done. This could have made the end of the story feel more complete and detailed.


The Queen of Nothing is a really good and thrilling end to the Folk of the Air series. Holly Black does a great job wrapping things up with excitement and power, giving us a conclusion that keeps us interested and feeling a lot of strong emotions. It’s a satisfying way to finish the journey through the dangerous but magical world of Faerie. Holly Black makes sure readers get a good ending, bringing everything together in a way that feels complete and enjoyable.

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