The Folk of The Air By Holly Black Book series Review

the folk of the air books

Holly Black’s incredible series, The Folk of the Air, is like a spellbinding adventure. It’s got this magical mix of humans and faeries meeting in a world full of mysteries and surprises. The characters are so intense and real, drawing you deep into their stories. The whole plot is like a maze, twisting and turning in ways that keep you totally hooked. It’s the kind of reading that doesn’t just tell a story—it pulls you right into this enchanting world, making you feel like you’re a part of it all.

The whole series has three really exciting books in it 1. The Cruel Prince,2. The Wicked king,3. The Queen Of Nothing : three stories that will totally grab your attention and keep you hooked. Each book is like a new chapter in this amazing adventure, showing you more and more of this awesome world Holly Black has created. If you start with the first book, get ready for an incredible journey that stretches across all three! But There are also two more books exist which is The Lost Sisters(1.5) and How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories (3.5)

1. The Cruel Prince

1.5 The Lost Sisters

2. The Wicked King

3. The Queen Of Nothing

3.5 How The King Of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories

Book 1.5

the lost sisters book

Book 3.5

how the king of elfhame learned to hate stories book

What’s The Story About

Holly Black, this amazing author, she’s like a master storyteller, you know? She creates these super complex and detailed worlds. One of her coolest creations is Elfhame, a place full of magic and secrets. In this series, we follow Jude, this regular human in a world full of faeries, and let me tell you, it’s a wild ride! There’s politics, like power games and secret deals happening all the time. But that’s not all—magic is everywhere, making everything so much more intense and exciting.

Jude, the main character, she’s a mortal trying to find her way in this crazy faerie world. And trust me, it’s not an easy thing to do. The faeries, they’ve got their own rules and they play by them, making everything a bit dangerous and tricky for Jude. But she’s tough, smart, and determined. Her journey through all these dangers and schemes in Faerie? It’s a rollercoaster of suspense and surprise.

And you know what’s really awesome? This series isn’t just about reading a story. It’s like you’re right there with Jude, feeling everything she feels. It’s like you’re trying to figure out the mysteries alongside her. The world-building is so good; you can almost smell the magic in the air and feel the tension crackling around you.

What makes this series stand out is how it blends this crazy, magical world with Jude’s very real struggles. She’s dealing with all the regular stuff like finding her place, trying to fit in, and figuring out who she really is, while also facing all these magical dangers. It’s like a mix of the normal and the fantastical, and it’s absolutely gripping.

why People Love it

The reason these books are so great is because of how amazingly they tell the story. Everything feels so real, like you’re right there in the middle of it all. The characters, especially Jude, the main one, are so well made. They’re not just like heroes in a story, they’re like real people with their own feelings and problems. That’s what makes them easy to understand and connect with. You see them grow and change, just like real folks do.

The mix of all the tricky politics and the emotions in the books? That’s what makes them so cool. There’s this balance between all the sneaky plans and the feelings these characters have. It’s not just about the big schemes, it’s also about how these characters deal with all the feelings and tough stuff happening to them. It’s like you’re on this emotional rollercoaster alongside them.

And hey, it’s not just Jude who’s amazing. All the characters are made with so much detail and care. They’re not perfect, they’ve got their own problems and mistakes, just like we do. And that’s what makes them so real and easy to care about. It’s like having a bunch of friends in this wild, magical world.

Holly Black writes in a way that makes you feel like you’re really there in the Faerie world. Her words paint such clear pictures in your mind that you can almost see it all happening. The cool thing is how she mixes up our regular feelings with all this magical stuff. It’s like she’s mixing two different worlds together, making it all super awesome to read.

Things People Don’t like

While The Folk of the Air series is beloved by many, some readers have mentioned a few points they weren’t too keen on. For some, the pacing in certain parts of the story felt a bit slow, making the reading experience a tad dragging. Additionally, a few found the complexity of the political intrigue and the vast array of characters a bit overwhelming, making it harder to keep track of everyone’s motivations and actions. Lastly, a handful of readers wished for even more depth in the development of certain side characters to better understand their roles and connections in the plot. However, despite these criticisms, the series continues to captivate a wide audience with its enchanting world and gripping storyline.

At Last

The Folk of the Air series is a great trip for readers. All of these books are so exciting and full of mystery, magic, and characters that are really interesting. Holly Black tells the story in such a great way, and the world she made, Elfhame, is like a place you just can’t miss if you love fae/fairy or fantasy stories. It’s a total gem for anyone who’s into this kind of adventure!

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