Burn By Patrick Ness Book Review

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Burn by Patrick Ness proves his mastery in weaving complex narratives with a unique blend of genres. This book takes place in the year 1957, during a time when there was a lot of tension between countries, known as the Cold War. What makes this book special is how it combines elements of history, fantasy, and science fiction. This mix makes the story not only interesting but also very different from usual stories. Patrick Ness is known for his skill in creating stories that are not just about one type of genre, but blend several, and Burn is a great example of this talent.

The story of the book starts in a little town in Washington State. Here, we get to know Sarah Dewhurst and her dad, who are having a hard time keeping their farm going. Things take a surprising turn when a dragon named Kazimir comes to their farm to work. It’s not common to see dragons in stories that seem like they could be real and are set in the past, so this is a really interesting and bold move by the author, Patrick Ness. Dragons aren’t just made-up creatures from fairy tales. They have their unique world, with their history and ways of living. They also have a special kind of relationship with people. By adding dragons in this way, the story gets more layers and becomes more interesting. It’s not just about a girl and her dad on a farm; it’s also about these amazing dragons and how they fit into the world of the story.

Patrick Ness is good at creating characters that feel real, and Sarah Dewhurst, the main character in the book, is a great example. Sarah is a teenager with parents of two different races, and she deals with unfair treatment because of her race and because she’s a girl. The way her character is written makes it easy for readers to connect with her and care about her challenges and growth. Another interesting character in the story is Malcolm, who belongs to a group that worships dragons and is on a special mission. Malcolm’s part in the story brings in some tough questions about right and wrong, and it also makes the story more exciting and suspenseful. These characters, Sarah and Malcolm, and their interactions take place in a really tense situation – the fear of a nuclear war. This makes the story even more gripping because there’s a constant sense of danger and uncertainty about what will happen next.

The story in the book moves quickly, and the way Patrick Ness writes is clear and grabs your attention. But what makes the book especially good is how it talks about important topics. Burn isn’t just a fun story to read; it also makes you think deeply. It deals with issues like racism, which is when people are treated badly because of their race, and homophobia, which is when people are treated badly because of who they love. The book also talks about how people are often scared of those who are different from them. Patrick Ness writes about these serious issues in a careful and understanding way. He makes readers think about these problems in our world today, even though the story is set in a mix of history and fantasy. This makes the book not just enjoyable, but also meaningful and relevant.

One small issue with the book is that sometimes it tries to do a lot at once. Mixing different kinds of stories and big topics can be a bit too much to handle. Also, some parts of the story might seem a bit too easy or simple, like certain surprises in the plot don’t feel completely natural. And for some readers, mixing real history with fantasy parts might seem a bit strange or sudden. But these are just small problems in a story that is mostly very exciting and full of imagination. Overall, the book is engaging and keeps you interested in what’s going to happen next.

Patrick Ness has a big imagination and he uses it to make a world where humans and dragons live together. He puts a lot of thought into how the dragons live, their language, and their culture. This part of the book is very interesting and adds a lot of depth to the story. It’s not just about dragons being there; it’s about how they live, think, and interact with people, which makes the story much richer and more exciting.

Patrick Ness’s book Burn is a bold and successful mix of different types of stories. It has characters that grab your attention, a story that keeps you guessing, and deep, meaningful ideas. The book shows how great Ness is at telling stories and his skill in making young adult books that are different and interesting. For readers who want a unique book, that makes them think, and is fun to read, Burn is a great choice. It’s a story that will keep you engaged and give you a lot to think about.

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