The Princess and Curdie By George MacDonald Book Review

the princess and curdie book cover

After reading George MacDonald’s magical book The Princess and the Goblin, I was both excited and a bit worried about reading the next book, The Princess and Curdie. Sometimes, sequels aren’t as good as the first book. I wondered if MacDonald could keep the same magic and deep story in this new book. Happily, I can say that he did a great job. In fact, in many ways, The Princess and Curdie is even better than the first book.

The Princess and Curdie starts right where the first book, The Princess and the Goblin, ended. This book goes deeper into ideas like being good, brave, and true to yourself. Unlike the first book, which had a lot of goblin characters, this story pays more attention to people and the tough choices they have to make about what’s right and wrong. Curdie, the main character, gets a special power from a mysterious old lady called the Grandmother. With this power, he sets out on an important journey. His goal is to save the kingdom from bad people who are lying and causing trouble.

In The Princess and Curdie, George MacDonald shows again that he is an amazing storyteller. He creates a story that feels like a magical fairy tale but also teaches important lessons. This book, maybe even more than the first one, goes deep into big theme and questions. It makes you think about what makes people good or bad, what it means to be a good leader, and how good and evil fight against each other.

one of the best parts is how the characters grow, especially Curdie. We watch him become more mature as he deals with harder problems and thinks about what is right and wrong. Princess Irene, though she’s not as much in the spotlight as in the first book, is still very important. She keeps being a character who is charming and wise.

George MacDonald’s way of writing in The Princess and Curdie is still really enjoyable. It has a charming, old-fashioned style and flows like a song. But, compared to The Princess and the Goblin, this book is a bit more focused on teaching lessons. Sometimes, the story stops for a bit to talk about what’s right and wrong. These parts are smart and make you think, but they can also slow down the excitement of the story a little.

The Princess and the Goblin was more like a usual fairy tale. It had a clear story and lots of fantasy, like magic and make-believe things. But The Princess and Curdie goes in a bit of a different direction. This second book talks more about what’s right and wrong, and big ideas about life. However, some readers who liked the fun and simple magic of the first book might not be as interested in these deeper topics in the second book.

This book, just like the one before it, is great for both kids and grown-ups. Kids will love the exciting adventure and the make-believe parts. At the same time, adults will enjoy thinking about the deeper lessons and messages in the story.

The Princess and Curdie is a good follow-up to the magical world George MacDonald made in his first book. It has a story that makes you think more and is a bit more complicated than “The Princess and the Goblin.” It might not feel as playful and light as the first book, but it has its value. It goes deep into understanding the characters and what makes someone good. For people who liked the first book, this one is a nice next step, even though it feels a bit different.

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