Review- The Princess and the Goblin By George MacDonald

the princess and the goblin book cover

George MacDonald’s book, The Princess and the Goblin has been a favorite story for kids since it was first published way back in 1872. MacDonald was one of the first writers to create fantasy stories, and he inspired famous authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, who wrote The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, respectively. His book is a mix of adventure, lessons about right and wrong, and a big dose of imagination.

The story is about a young girl named Princess Irene, who lives in a big, old castle in a land full of mountains. But there’s a secret: under these mountains, there are goblins living in a hidden world. Things get interesting when Princess Irene finds out something special about her family’s past. She also meets a boy named Curdie, who is the son of a miner. Curdie becomes her friend and they join forces in an exciting journey.

As they go on their adventure, Princess Irene and Curdie have to face the goblins. These goblins are a bit scary and tricky. The story shows how Irene and Curdie are brave and how they work together. It’s all about being courageous, the importance of friends, and discovering things that aren’t always easy to see. This tale takes you into a world of excitement, mystery, and the magic of friendship and bravery.

Princess Irene, the main girl in the story, is curious and brave. She’s not like the usual princess who waits for someone to save her. Instead, she changes and grows a lot as the story continues, in ways many of us can understand and admire. Then there’s Curdie, a boy who is super brave and very loyal. The writer MacDonald does a great job making these characters feel real and cool, especially for kids who read the book.

The goblins in the story are pretty interesting too. They’re not just simple bad guys. They have their own way of living and their own reasons for what they do, which makes the story more interesting. There’s also Irene’s great-great-grandmother, a kind of magical old lady who brings a touch of mystery to the story. She’s wise and helps guide Irene, adding a special, magical part to the tale.

In MacDonald’s story, there are a lot of important ideas mixed into the adventure. The fight between good guys and bad guys is a big part of it, but there are also quieter, deeper messages that stick with you. One of these is about being brave, not just in big ways, but also in small, everyday things. Another is about having faith, or believing in things even when they’re hard to see or understand. The story also shows how powerful it can be to be innocent or pure-hearted.

Besides these, the book talks about how important it is to try to understand and feel for others, even if they seem very different from us or don’t get along with us. This means thinking about why someone might act the way they do, and trying to see things from their point of view, which can change how we see them and maybe even make us kinder.

While The Princess and the Goblin was one of the first fantasy books and is really important for that reason, people reading it today might notice some things that seem old-fashioned. Sometimes, the story moves a bit slowly, not as fast as many books or movies do now. Also, the way people think and act in the story can feel a bit like they’re from a long time ago, because the book was written back in the 1870s. That means some of the ideas or ways of seeing the world aren’t quite the same as what most people think today.

Overall, The Princess and the Goblin is a delightful book that makes you think. It shows just how good George MacDonald was at telling stories, since people of all ages still like this book, even though it was written long ago. This book is special because it mixes an exciting adventure, lessons about what’s right and wrong, and an imaginative fantasy world. It’s a great book for anyone who wants to know more about how fantasy stories began.

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