Book Review- The Kingdom Of Copper By S.A Chakraborty

the kingdom of copper book cover

The Kingdom of Copper is the second book in the Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty. It continues the story from The City of Brass, taking us back into a magical Middle Eastern setting. This book is just as exciting and colorful as the first one, and in many ways, it’s even better. It tells a story filled with lots of tricky politics, characters who grow and change, and a world that seems even more real and fascinating.

Chakraborty does an amazing job creating the world the story is set in. The city of Daevabad is described so well that it feels like a busy, living place. It’s full of rich history and cultural details that make it seem real. In this book, we learn a lot more about the magic in this world. The author explains more about the different groups of people, their magical abilities, and their past, which shows why some groups get along and others don’t. For readers who loved getting lost in the detailed and unique world of the first book, this book offers even more to enjoy.

one of the best parts is how the characters change and grow. Nahri, the main character, has changed a lot since we first saw her in The City of Brass. Back then, she was a bit naive and used to trick people, but now, she’s dealing with a lot of new responsibilities and learning how to handle complicated politics at the royal court. There’s also Alizayd (Ali), who has been sent away and is trying to figure out what he believes and where his loyalty lies. His story gets more interesting and complex. Both Nahri and Ali change in ways that make sense and feel real, which makes their stories very engaging and exciting to follow.

The Kingdom of Copper begins more slowly than the first book, but this slower start helps make the story better later on. It takes time to really show the important political problems and the strong feelings of the characters. The story cleverly mixes together different characters’ stories and their tricky political plans. This all leads to an ending that is really exciting and makes you feel good. For people who liked the political tricks and secrets in the first book, this one has even more of that, and it’s even more interesting.

In The Kingdom of Copper, Chakraborty explores big ideas like power, colonialism (when one country takes control over another), and identity (who a person is). She looks closely at why each character does what they do, and the history of Daevabad, the city in the story, makes you think a lot. The book is honest about the tough and difficult parts of its world, which makes the story feel stronger and more meaningful.

The Kingdom of Copper is a fantastic follow-up to the Daevabad Trilogy. It takes all the exciting elements of The City of Brass and adds even more detail and depth to the story’s world and the people in it. For those who loved the first book, this sequel doesn’t just meet what they were hoping for; it goes beyond and sets a high standard for the last book in the series. It’s definitely a book you should read if you’re interested in Nahri’s adventures and the detailed world of Daevabad.

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