Book Review: The City Of Brass By S.A Chakraborty

the city of brass book cover

The City of Brass is the first book of The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty . It’s a fascinating story full of magic and complicated plots, set in a world that’s inspired by Middle Eastern stories and myths. As someone who reviewed the book, I was impressed by how different it is from the usual fantasy stories that often focus on Western ideas. This book brings to life a world that’s colorful and full of different beliefs and magical creatures. It’s a new and interesting experience for readers who enjoy fantasy stories.

The story begins in 18th-century Cairo. This is where we first meet Nahri, the main character, who is a young person skilled in tricking others and has a secret past. Quickly, the story moves from the well-known streets of Cairo to a magical city called Daevabad. This city is filled with djinns (magical beings), various magical creatures, and a society with many different levels and rules.

The author, Chakraborty, has done a great job in creating this world. She puts together a place that is both full of fantasy but also feels real because it’s connected to actual history and myths. This makes the story very vivid, like you’re really there, and it’s very impressive how she mixes imagination with real historical and mythological elements.

Nahri, the main character in the story, is really interesting. She’s tough, smart, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if she’s good or bad, which makes her very realistic and fascinating. Her story is about how she goes from not believing in magic to fully taking part in a magical world, and it’s told in a way that’s very engaging. There are other important characters too. Dara is a warrior with a troubled history, and Alizayd is a prince who has his own beliefs and challenges. They are both very well-written characters, making the story more interesting and complex. The story itself is full of politics, old fights, and characters finding out who they are. Chakraborty is great at mixing the magical parts of the story with the political problems in Daevabad, where different groups are in charge. The story moves at a good pace, and there are surprises and big changes that keep you wanting to read more.

One of the key things that stands out in The City of Brass is how it looks at big topics like colonialism (when one country takes over another), racial tension (problems between different races), and religious conflict (disagreements based on religion). The story shows these issues through the lives of different groups of djinn (magical beings) and their views on mixed-race beings and humans, which is similar to some real-life problems, making the story not only interesting but also something to think about deeply.

Another special thing about the book is how it includes Middle Eastern culture and Islamic practices in a fantasy world. This is not very common and it’s really nice to see. The author, Chakraborty, shows a lot of respect and careful attention to these cultural details, making her book stand out and feel authentic.

The City of Brass is an amazing first book that offers a really special and gripping story. It mixes together a detailed and interesting world, characters with lots of layers, and a story that is full of secrets and depth. This makes it a book that people who love fantasy stories should definitely read, especially if they are interested in stories that are different from the usual Western-style fantasy. Chakraborty does a great job of setting up a story that makes you want to know what happens next, leaving readers excited for the next book in the series.

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