Book Review- The Empire of Gold By S.A Chakraborty

The empire of gold book cover

The Empire of Gold is the last book in S.A. Chakraborty’s exciting Daevabad Trilogy. This series started with The City of Brass and then continued with The Kingdom of Copper. I have read every book in this series, and this final one shows how good Chakraborty is at telling stories. In this book, she mixes many interesting things – there’s a lot of sneaky politics, stories and traditions from different cultures, and characters who grow and change in complicated ways.

Chakraborty’s skill in creating world is amazing. She brings to life Daevabad, the city of brass, showing us its beauty and problems. The magic world she creates is based on Middle Eastern stories; this book, feels even more real and detailed. The author does a great job of exploring the culture, government, and history of this world. It’s so well done that you feel like you’re there. For people who have read the earlier books, they’ll be happy to see more information and places added to the world they already know.

The best part of this trilogy is its characters. The main characters, Nahri, Ali, and Dara, go through callous times in this book. They have to figure out who they are loyal to, what they believe in, and how strong they are. Nahri’s story is very interesting. She starts as a clever person who tricks others on the streets but becomes a powerful and inspiring leader. Ali, who used to be a simple and innocent prince, grows into a man with strong beliefs and a lot of layers to his personality. Dara’s story is full of battles and sad moments, which makes the story even richer and more interesting.

The Empire of Gold has a story that is full of excitement, sneaky political plots, and strong emotions. The story moves fast, mixing action that keeps you on the edge of your seat with moments that are very emotional and personal. The book does a great job of bringing together different storylines, building up to a big ending that feels both huge and also important to the characters. It wraps up many of the puzzles and fights that were in the earlier books in a way that feels good. However, sometimes the story moves so fast that it might be a bit too much for readers who like to take their time and think deeply about what’s happening.

The Empire of Gold is a fantastic final book in a really special trilogy. It gives readers the big ending they hope for, but also makes them think and feel a lot. Chakraborty is great at keeping the story moving quickly while also giving us deep insights into the characters and creating a rich and detailed world. This book, and the whole trilogy, really stands out in the fantasy world.

For people who have been following the Daevabad Trilogy, this last book wraps up the story in a satisfying way. If you haven’t read the books yet, the whole series is a must-read. It’s a complex, moving story set in a world that’s wonderfully made. The Empire of Gold is more than just a book; it’s an adventure filled with magic that stays with you long after you finish reading.

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