The Inheritance Cycle Series by Christopher Paolini Short Review

the inheritance cycle series

The Inheritance Cycle is a group of four magical books written by Christopher Paolini. These books have been quite popular in the world of Fantasy. The story begins with a book named Eragon and finishes with one called Inheritance. People have different thoughts about these books. Some people really enjoy them, while others don’t like them as much. I’ve read all four books and I think they combine old-style fantasy elements with the kind of excitement you often see in books written by younger authors. This combination can be very interesting and fun, but sometimes it doesn’t work out as well as it could.

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The Inheritance Cycle happens in a make-believe place called Alagaësia. It’s about a boy named Eragon who lives on a farm and finds out he’s a Dragon Rider, which is a very important and big job. He has a dragon named Saphira, and together they get caught up in a huge fight against a mean king, Galbatorix. As the story goes on in the books Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, there are more and more characters introduced, and the story gets more complicated and interesting. We learn a lot about this imaginary world and its myths.


  1. Imaginative World-Building: Paolini crafts a richly detailed world, complete with its own history, races, languages, and cultures. The lore of Alagaësia is comprehensive, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully in its expansive universe.
  2. Character Development: The growth of Eragon from a naive farm boy to a powerful Dragon Rider is well executed. Secondary characters, particularly Roran, Eragon’s cousin, and Arya, the elven princess, receive substantial development and depth.
  3. Themes and Morality: The series explores themes such as responsibility, the moral complexities of war, and the journey to adulthood. These themes add a layer of depth to the narrative, resonating with a young adult audience.
  4. Engaging Battle Scenes: Paolini excels in writing vivid and thrilling battle scenes, combining magic and medieval combat in a way that keeps the reader engaged.


  1. Derivative Elements: Critics often point out that the series borrows heavily from other fantasy works, notably J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series. This lack of originality in certain aspects can detract from the overall experience.
  2. Pacing and Length: Some sections, particularly in the later books, suffer from pacing issues. Excessive description and side plots can slow the narrative, making some parts a slog for readers.
  3. Dialogue and Prose: While the prose is generally serviceable, it can be inconsistent. Some dialogues feel stilted and unnatural, potentially pulling the reader out of the immersive experience.

I Think

The Inheritance Cycle is a pretty impressive set of books, especially when you think about how young Christopher Paolini was when he started writing them. These books are great for people who like classic fantasy stories that feel familiar. They might not be super different from other books in the fantasy world and have some problems in the story and the way it’s written. But, the way Paolini creates a whole new world, develops interesting characters, and describes big, exciting battles makes these books worth reading for fans of big, imaginative fantasy stories. The series really shows why stories about heroes going on adventures and fighting against bad guys are still popular, especially with younger readers who are just starting to explore the big world of books.

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