Book Review: Eragon By Christopher Paolini

eragon book cover

Eragon, the first book of The Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini, stands out in the world of fantasy stories. Paolini was very young when he wrote this book, which makes it even more special. This book is all about a magical world filled with dragons, magic, and exciting adventures. I started reading Eragon not sure what to expect. But soon, I got completely caught up in the amazing world that Paolini created.

Some people have noticed that Eragon is quite similar to other famous fantasy stories, like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth series or George Lucas’s Star Wars. It’s true that you can see how these stories influenced Paolini. But, this doesn’t make Eragon any less enjoyable. Instead, these influences are like a base that Paolini used to create his own special story and world.

The story of Eragon is a typical hero’s adventure. It’s about a boy named Eragon who lives on a farm and finds a strange dragon egg. When the egg hatches and he meets the dragon Saphira, his life changes completely. He starts a journey full of danger and learning about himself and his destiny. Paolini does a great job telling this kind of story. He makes it feel new and exciting by creating a very detailed and imaginative world. He takes the reader deep into this world, called AlagaĆ«sia, with its rich cultures, different languages, and long history.

One of the best parts of Eragon is how the characters change and grow. Eragon starts as an innocent boy but becomes a more mature and responsible person, learning to handle his special fate. The characters around him, like Brom and Arya, are also well-developed. They’re not just there to move the story along; they have their own interesting histories and personalities. The dragon Saphira is especially worth mentioning. Paolini writes her character really well. He doesn’t make her seem too human, but she still comes across as wise, funny, and full of feelings.

The way Eragon is written has both good and not-so-good points. On the plus side, the writing is detailed and full of rich descriptions. This shows how much Paolini loves language and telling stories. But sometimes, he uses too many words, which might not be everyone’s favorite. Some readers might like a simpler way of telling a story. However, it’s Paolini’s love for using lots of words and descriptions that makes the book special and different.

The pace of the story moves forward and gets different reactions from people. Some readers love the thorough details and the gradual way the story develops, finding it charming. However, others think it’s too slow and doesn’t move the story along quickly enough. This slow pace, together with the story often being easy to guess, can make the book less enjoyable for some readers.

Eragon is a book that, even though it’s not perfect, is still important in fantasy books. It shows what young writers can do and is like a love note to traditional fantasy stories. It might not be super new or different, but it’s great at making readers feel like they’ve escaped to a new, yet somehow familiar, world. It’s a great book for younger people or those just starting to read fantasy. It takes them into an exciting world of dragons, magic, and adventures. For people who have read a lot of fantasy, Eragon is a nice, easy read, though it might not be very surprising or difficult.

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