Review: Rise of the Evening Star By Brandon Mull (Fablehaven Book 2)

Rise of the Evening Star book cover

To be honest i enjoyed the first book Fablehaven book by Brandon Mull, I was both excited and a bit worried about reading the second book, Rise of the Evening Star. My main concern was whether this new book could be as good as the first one, which was filled with imagination, great storytelling, and a magical feel. I’m happy to say that Rise of the Evening Star not only meets these high hopes but in some ways, it’s even better than the first book. This makes the Fablehaven series a very important and enjoyable series for young readers who love fantasy stories.

Rise of the Evening Star, the next book in the series, starts just after the school year ends, following the events of the first Fablehaven book. Kendra and Seth Sorenson find themselves back in the magical world of Fablehaven, a hidden place that protects magical creatures. This time, the story is about their hunt for a powerful artifact called the Evening Star.

Brandon Mull skillfully mixes different smaller stories into this main one. He introduces us to new characters and gives us more information about the world of Fablehaven. The story moves along at a good pace, mixing exciting action, mystery, and just the right amount of growth for the characters. The risks and challenges are bigger this time, making the story even more interesting and gripping.

In my opinion, Brandon Mull is good at making his characters grow and change, and you can see this clearly in this book. Kendra and Seth, the main characters, keep changing and getting smarter as they deal with bigger risks and tough choices. New characters, like the mysterious Vanessa, make the story even more interesting. Also, the bad guys in the story are more complex and not just simple, one-note characters. This makes the story richer and the characters more realistic and interesting.

In Rise of the Evening Star, Brandon Mull does an amazing job creating the world of the story. He adds new magical creatures, places, and rules to the Fablehaven universe. The background story and details are deep and interesting, but they’re shared in a way that’s easy to understand. As the story moves forward, you learn more about the world of Fablehaven naturally, which is just as fun as following the plot. This makes exploring new parts of this magical world really exciting.

Brandon Mull tackles some big ideas. He looks at themes like trust, understanding right from wrong, and how to handle having power. These important topics are blended into the story in a way that is easy for young readers to get, but also makes older readers think. This means that the book has deeper meanings and messages that can be appreciated by everyone, no matter their age.

Rise of the Evening Star is a great follow-up to the first Fablehaven book. It builds on what was set up in the first book, but also adds new things to the world and makes the characters more interesting. It’s special because it keeps what was good about the first book but also has its own unique qualities. For people who liked the first book, this sequel will make them happy. If you’re new to the Fablehaven series, this book is a really inviting start. Brandon Mull has created a series filled with wonder, adventure, and magic, and this book really shows how good he is at telling stories.

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