The Grim Company By Luke Scull Book Series Review

the grim company book series

The Grim Company is a dark and gritty fantasy series written by Luke Scull. There are three books in the series: The Grim Company, Sword of the North, and Dead Man’s Steel.

In The Grim Company, the author Luke Scull takes us into a world filled with darkness and toughness. The story revolves around characters facing challenging situations and harsh environments. As you read through the series, you’ll encounter various twists and turns that keep the story interesting.

Book 1

The grim company book

Book 2

sword of the north book

Book 3

dead man's steel book

Story Overview

The Grim Company unfolds in a world scarred by relentless war and a catastrophic surge of magical upheaval. This once-thriving land now grapples with the ominous grip of dark magic, formidable sorcerers, and unsettling creatures that haunt its every corner. The narrative intricately weaves together the tales of a varied group of characters, each carrying their unique stories, desires, and origins. As they traverse through a realm teetering on the edge of collapse, these individuals confront not only the external threats of a shattered world but also the internal struggles that define their journeys. In this vividly crafted setting, the remnants of a once-vibrant civilization serve as a backdrop to the characters’ quests, forming a captivating tapestry of adventure, survival, and the enduring human spirit in the face of impending doom.


The series distinguishes itself through the diversity and moral complexity of its characters. Each individual, from the antiheroic Davarus Cole to the mysterious Brodar Kayne, possesses nuanced flaws and intricate layers. The narrative excels in skillfully unfolding the development of these characters, fostering a depth that engages readers in the outcomes of even the morally ambiguous protagonists. The allure lies in the intricacies of their personal struggles, challenging the conventional notions of goodness and badness. The evolving nature of these characters adds a compelling dimension to the storyline, elevating it beyond a simple dichotomy of right and wrong, and instead, immersing readers in the multifaceted journeys of these imperfect yet captivating personas.


The story in The Grim Company weaves together political schemes, battles, and magical conflicts in a detailed and interconnected way. It moves at a fast pace, keeping readers hooked with unexpected twists and turns. Scull, the author, doesn’t shy away from portraying the harsh realities of war and the serious outcomes of wielding powerful magic. The narrative unfolds seamlessly, presenting a dynamic mix of political intrigue, intense combat, and magical confrontations that contribute to the overall engaging experience for readers.


In this series, the story delves into important themes such as power, redemption, and facing the outcomes of one’s actions. The characters wrestle with their pasts and strive to overcome their flaws, adding a deeper layer to the narrative. It’s about their journey to make amends for mistakes and confront the results of their choices, making the exploration of these themes a significant aspect of the series.

I Think

For some folks, the series might feel a bit too heavy because it’s pretty dark and gloomy. Also, the story can get a little tricky because it’s not super simple – there’s a lot going on with many different characters and a pretty complex plot. If you like stories that are easy to follow without too much darkness, this one might be a bit tough to get into.

Here are some strengths and weakness


  1. Complex Characters: One of the series’ strengths lies in its well-developed and morally ambiguous characters. Each character has a distinct personality, and their journeys are filled with struggles, growth, and internal conflicts.
  2. Dark Atmosphere: The series excels in creating a dark and atmospheric setting. The world is grim, and the narrative doesn’t shy away from exploring the consequences of war and magic on both the land and its inhabitants.
  3. Magic System: The magic system in The Grim Company is unique and interesting. It incorporates both traditional elements and innovative concepts, adding depth to the story and the characters’ abilities.
  4. Epic Battles: Fans of epic battles and gritty combat will find plenty to enjoy in this series. The fight scenes are well-written and contribute to the overall tension and excitement of the narrative.


  1. Pacing Issues: Some readers have noted pacing issues in the series. The narrative can feel slow at times, especially in the middle of the books. However, the action-packed scenes and character developments usually make up for these slower moments.
  2. Complex Plot: The plot can be intricate and complex, which may be challenging for some readers to follow. The numerous characters and their separate storylines converge in a way that demands attention, and some readers might find it a bit overwhelming.

The Grim Company is a fantasy series that’s a bit on the dark side, but it’s really interesting. It takes the usual fantasy stuff and gives it a new twist. If you like stories that are easy and happy, this might not be your cup of tea. But if you enjoy morally complex characters, a plot that’s a bit complicated, and a world that feels a bit tough, then you might really like this series. It’s a good choice for people who want a fantasy tale that’s a bit different and challenges the usual ideas in this kind of story.

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