Review: The Grim Company Book #1

The grim company book

The Grim Company is a dark fantasy novel written by Luke Scull, first published in 2013. The first book in The Grim Company series, yes you read right The Grim Company is also the whole series name.

The Grim Company takes place in a world where the gods have turned away from people, leaving behind disorder and dishonesty. In this chaotic setting, the tale revolves around a team of not-so-traditional heroes. Among them are a mage who has lost his way, a swordsman carrying a curse, and a tricky rogue. Together, they journey through a land torn apart by war, full of sinister magic, tricky politics, and very old, scary things. The story unfolds from different viewpoints, creating a rich and intricate tale. It’s like putting together puzzle pieces, each one showing a part of the bigger picture, making the whole story interesting and full of surprises.

The characters in The Grim Company aren’t perfect; they have their fair share of mistakes, and they’re not always clear about what’s right or wrong. They come from different walks of life, making them a varied bunch. The writer takes us back in time to explore their backgrounds, showing us where they’ve been and what they’ve been through. This helps us understand why they act the way they do and what challenges they face. The group includes individuals with special skills and interesting pasts, making the story more interesting and intricate. It’s like each person brings something unique to the table, making the whole adventure more colorful and engaging.

Scull paints a detailed and absorbing world. It’s like stepping into a place where magic is real, strange creatures lurk around, and society is falling apart. Picture a setting that’s shadowy and moody, with a feeling that everything is getting worse. The author does a great job of creating this world, making it feel real and gripping. It’s like the background of a painting, adding a lot of life to the characters’ adventures. The way he builds this world is one of the strong points of the story, making it an exciting place for the characters and readers alike.

The book shows us power, corruption, and what happens when people want too much. It looks at what can go wrong when folks chase after their dreams without thinking about what it might cost. The characters in the story face tough choices that make you stop and think.

The book brings up questions about right and wrong, and it’s not always easy to figure out who’s good and who’s not. This makes the story really interesting because you get to see how the characters deal with these tricky situations.

Some readers really enjoy the dark and complicated feel of The Grim Company, as well as the characters who aren’t perfect. However, there are those who might feel a bit overwhelmed by how gloomy the story is. It’s like a heavy cloud of sadness hanging over everything.

But, it’s important to know that this story is not light-hearted. It deals with some heavy and serious themes. It’s like going into a world that’s tough and doesn’t give second chances. So, if you’re not a fan of stories that explore the darker side of things, it might not be the best pick for you. It’s like entering a place where the shadows are deep, and not everyone might feel comfortable in that kind of setting.

The Grim Company is a really interesting and dark fantasy book that people who like grim and intense stories will probably enjoy. It has a detailed world, characters who aren’t always easy to understand, and a very gripping way of telling the tale. It’s different from other books in the same category because of these special qualities.

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