The Complete Book of Flower Fairies By Cicely Mary Barker Review

The Flower Fairies is a truly beautiful and enchanting book. It’s filled with lovely pictures and delightful poems about tiny fairy-like beings who make their homes in flowers. This book is fantastic and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, whether you’re a child or a grown-up. It’s a magical world of wonder and joy waiting for you to explore. The pictures and poems will transport you to a realm where these tiny creatures come to life, making it an amazing experience for everyone. So, don’t hesitate to dive into this book; you’ll be captivated by its charm and loveliness.

The Complete Book of Flower Fairies book

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

The most wonderful thing about this book is the incredible artwork by Cicely Mary Barker. She’s the one who draws the fairies and the flowers, and she does it in such a special way that it makes them seem like they could be real. The colors in the pictures are really vibrant and full of life. And what’s even more amazing is how much attention she pays to all the little details. When you look at these pictures, it’s almost like you’re stepping into a world of magic and enchantment. The fairies and the flowers in her drawings come to life in a way that’s truly mesmerizing. It’s like you’ve been transported to a place where everything is beautiful and wondrous. So, if you’re a fan of captivating art, you’ll be absolutely enchanted by the pictures in this book. They’re a feast for the eyes and a window into a world of pure imagination.

The poems that come along with the pictures are really lovely. They do something special – they give each fairy its own unique personality. These poems also share interesting details about the flowers that the fairies are linked to. When you read these poems, it’s almost like you’re getting to know the fairies and the flowers as if they were your friends.

The words in the poems have a way of making you feel a certain way, like they touch your heart. They create a connection between you and the magical world of the fairies and flowers. You might feel joy, wonder, or even a little bit of sadness as you read. It’s like these poems have the power to make you experience things, even though it’s just words on paper.

A Closer Look At Author

Cicely Mary Barker, the brilliant person who came up with the Flower Fairies, was a really talented artist. She had a big love for nature. She paid very close attention to even the smallest details and knew a lot about plants. That’s what helped her create these fairies so perfectly. They’re like a magical mix of make-believe and real life.

She was so into flowers, and her natural artistic skill was amazing. You can see it on every single page of The Complete Book of Flower Fairies. Her love for flowers and her special artistic gift shine through in the entire book. It’s like a beautiful garden of art and imagination that she carefully cultivated, and it’s a delightful experience for anyone who enjoys her work.

Negative Side

There’s one aspect of the book that’s a bit tricky, though. It’s not so easy to locate a particular fairy or flower because there isn’t a list or table of contents. That means if you’re searching for something specific, you’ll need to flip through the book quite a bit. It would be much improved if the book included a list to make finding things simpler.

Having a list or a table of contents would be like having a map for the book. It could guide you directly to the fairy or flower you’re interested in, saving you time and effort. Without it, you might have to spend a while searching, which can be a bit frustrating, especially if you have a favorite fairy or flower you want to see again. So, while the book is wonderful in many ways, having a list would make it even more user-friendly and enjoyable for readers.

The Flower Fairies Book is a wonderful book for people who like fairies, nature, or anything beautiful. It takes you to a special world where flower fairies and their flowers come alive through pictures and poems. Even though it’s a little hard to find things, the pictures and poems are so nice that it’s a must-have for people who love the magic of nature and Cicely Mary Barker’s creativity.

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