Realistic fiction is a type of storytelling where the stories feel like real life. It’s like reading about things that could actually happen to people. You can find exciting books in this genre about things like family problems, love stories, and personal growth. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at realistic fiction books in English. We’ll share some great book recommendations, talk about different types of realistic fiction, and give you some tips on picking the right book for you. So, let’s explore the world of these fantastic books that make you feel like you’re right there in the story.

What Makes a Realistic Fiction Book Stand Out?

Realistic fiction books are special because they can make you imagine real, everyday situations that make sense. They’re interesting because they have characters you can understand, exciting stories, and they feel like things that could actually happen to people. So, let’s talk about the important things that make realistic fiction books really good

1. Well-Developed Characters

The most important part of a realistic fiction book is the characters. These are like the people you meet every day, and they each have their own personalities, backgrounds, and reasons for doing things. As the story goes on, they learn and become different, which makes them interesting and easy to understand for people reading the book.

2. Authentic Settings

In realistic fiction, it’s really important to know where and when the story happens. It could be a busy city, a peaceful countryside, or even a certain time in history. This place and time stuff makes the story feel more real and genuine, like you’re right there with the characters.

3. Engaging Plot

A good story is like a rollercoaster ride, and in realistic fiction, it’s no different. The story needs to be interesting right from the start and keep you wanting to know what happens next until the very end. Realistic fiction stories often focus on everyday problems, like how people deal with tough situations or the ups and downs of their relationships. These stories might not be about super exciting things, but they feel real and touch your heart because you can relate to them. So, the plot is like the thrilling journey that makes you want to keep turning the pages.

4. Relatable Themes

Realistic fiction stories talk about things that are just like what happens to people in real life. They can be about love, when people care about each other a lot, or about feeling sad when something or someone is lost. It’s also about figuring out who you are and growing as a person. When you read these stories, it feels like they’re talking about things you’ve been through, and that makes the reading experience really special and important to you.

Here are Some Famous Realistic Fiction Books

Now, let’s see some of the very best realistic fiction books. These are the kinds of stories that have been loved by people for a long time, and they’re still really good at sharing fascinating narratives.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

to kill a mockingbird book

Harper Lee wrote a really beautiful book. To Kill a Mockingbird, she talks about things like racism, when people are treated unfairly because of their skin color, and being a good person. The story is about a young girl named Scout Finch, and it’s like she’s growing up and learning about life. She lives in the southern part of the United States, where things are a bit complicated. So, it’s a special story that helps you see the world through her eyes.

2. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

little women book

Little Women is an amazing by Louisa May Alcott. The story is about four sisters named the March sisters. They’re growing up during a time when there was a big war called the Civil War. The book is really nice because it’s about the strong bond between sisters, and it’s also about love and how people change as they get older. It’s a heartwarming story, which means it makes you feel happy and good inside. It’s a classic book that many people have enjoyed for a long time because it’s about the important things in life like family, love, and growing up.

3. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

the great gatsby book

The Great Gatsby story takes place in the 1920s, a time known as the Roaring Twenties when people partied a lot and lived in a flashy way. In the book, Fitzgerald talks about how people had too much of everything and how they felt disappointed. The main character is a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby, and he’s in love with a woman named Daisy Buchanan, but she doesn’t love him back. It’s a very interesting story because it’s about love, but it also shows how life was back then. So, it’s not just a love story; it makes you think about that time in history too.

4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

pride and prejudice book

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It’s a love story that has been loved for a very long time. In this book, she write about things like how people are treated based on how much money they have and finding love. The main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, show how people can change and grow as the story goes on. It also says things about society and how it works. So, it’s not just a love story; it’s a book that makes you think about life and people.

5. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

the catcher in the rye book

In this book, you meet a guy named Holden Caulfield, who is a teenager. He’s not very happy with the world, and he goes on a trip to figure out who he is in New York City. The book is a classic because it shows what it’s like to be a teenager and feel like you don’t fit in or understand the world. It’s a story that many people can relate to because they’ve felt the same way when they were teenagers. So, it’s not just a story; it’s a way to understand what it’s like to be a young person who’s confused and kind of lonely.

Subgenres in Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is like a big umbrella, and under it, there are different kinds of stories. These different kinds are called subgenres, and each one gives you a special and interesting way to tell a story. Let’s look at some of the subgenres you can check out.

1. Contemporary Realistic Fiction

This type of story is all about what’s happening right now, in today’s world. It talks about things like problems that people are facing, like issues in society, how they get along with each other, and the personal stuff they go through in their lives. It’s like reading about things that are going on around you at this very moment. So, it’s like a snapshot of life as it is today

2. Historical Fiction

Historical realistic fiction is like a time machine in a story. It takes you back to a long time ago, to a specific time in history. The author does a lot of research to make sure the story is like it was in the past. So when you read these stories, it’s like you’re looking at pictures from the past, but in words. It’s a great way to learn about history and what life was like back then. So, if you want to see how things were a long time ago, you can read this kind of story, and it’s like taking a journey back in time.

3. Romantic Realistic Fiction

These books are all about love and how people get along with each other. They focus on love and relationships, and they can make you feel really happy or really sad. They tell stories that touch your heart, and they’re often about romantic love, which is when people really care about each other. So, if you like reading about love and all the feelings that come with it, these books are perfect for you. They can warm your heart or make you feel a little sad, but they’re all about love and how it can be wonderful and also tough sometimes.

4. Family Drama

Family drama realistic fiction is like peeking into someone’s family and seeing what goes on. These stories are all about the things that happen in families, like how people in a family get along or don’t get along. It shows how families can be complicated, and it’s not always easy. You get to see the problems, arguments, and the good stuff too. These books are like shining a light on what happens in families, and they can help you understand the ups and downs of family life. So, if you’re curious about how families work and all the interesting things that can happen in them, these books are for you.


Realistic fiction is a type of story that’s full of different and interesting things about people’s lives. You can read about all kinds of experiences in these stories, and they can be really exciting. It doesn’t matter if you like old stories or new ones, there’s a realistic fiction book that’s just right for you. So, as you start reading these books.

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