Review Towers of Midnight (The Wheel of Time #13)

towers of midnight book cover

Imagine you’re on a big adventure, traveling through a massive story the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Each book is like a new chapter in this journey. Towers of Midnight is a important chapter because it gets us even closer to the big ending everyone’s been waiting for. Even though Robert Jordan passed away before finishing the series, Brandon Sanderson took over and wrote this book. And guess what? He didn’t just keep the story going, he made it even more exciting! It’s like he added new colors to an already beautiful painting.

Sanderson brings together lots of different storylines that were left hanging in the earlier books. It’s like he’s tying up loose ends to get us ready for the big showdown between the good guys and the bad guys. The characters in the story, like Rand al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, and Matrim Cauthon, keep growing and changing. They’re all going through tough times as they get ready for the final fight.”

Towers of Midnight keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Whether it’s the tricky politics in the White Tower or the scary march of the bad guys, you always feel like something big is about to happen. It’s like you can almost taste the danger on every page, pushing you to keep reading until you reach the awesome ending of the series.

I think Sanderson’s writing in Towers of Midnight is really good. He paints pictures with words, making Jordan’s world feel huge and exciting, but still adding his own style. When there are big fights, you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action. It’s so intense that it almost takes your breath away, with armies fighting and big things happening that decide people’s futures.

But even when there’s a lot of crazy stuff happening in Towers of Midnight, there are also times when things slow down and people think deeply about stuff. Like, they think about giving up something important for a good reason, finding a way to make up for past mistakes, and how much it means to have friends. These ideas are really important in the story and remind us that, in the end, it’s the connections we have with others that will decide who wins in the fight against the bad guys.

Towers of Midnight is the second to last book in a famous fantasy series, and it’s just as good as the ones before it. The characters are amazing, the story is exciting, and it has really important themes. It’s like a big setup for the last book, A Memory of Light, which is going to be even more awesome. If you love The Wheel of Time, you have to read this book. It gives you some answers and gets you pumped up for the big finale.

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