Review The Gathering Storm (The Wheel of Time #12)

the gathering storm book cover

I have been reading the Wheel of Time books from the beginning, diving into The Gathering Storm in a world full of familiar sights and thrilling adventures. This twelfth book, written by Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan passed away, keeps the big story moving forward without missing a beat, picking up where the last books left off with lots of different stories still waiting to be resolved.

Sanderson does a great job capturing Jordan’s world and adding his own touch, making the story feel like something we know but also something excitingly new. Our favorite characters face new problems and grow even more, and their successes and tough times really hit home for us readers who’ve spent so much time following their adventures.

In The Gathering Storm, the story moves quickly, with each chapter pushing the plot along in a hurry. Sanderson does a great job tying together lots of different stories, from Rand’s struggles inside himself to the tricky politics of the groups fighting for control. The tension is sky-high as the good and bad sides get closer and closer to their big showdown.

One of the best parts of the book is when they look at Rand al’Thor’s character. He’s dealing with the big job he has to do and the scary feelings that he might turn bad. His fights inside himself are mixed with all the other dangers around him, making the story really exciting and keeping us interested.

While Sanderson’s writing doesn’t have all the fancy language that Jordan’s does, it makes up for it by being really clear and exact. The Wheel of Time world is huge and can sometimes be confusing, but Sanderson tells the story so well that we never feel like we’re lost in all the details.

To sum it up, The Gathering Storm is a great part of the Wheel of Time series. It keeps the big story going smoothly and gets us ready for the big ending. Sanderson did a great job carrying on Jordan’s work, and fans will really enjoy this exciting chapter.

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