Review A Memory of Light (The Wheel of Time #14)

a memory of light book cover

I loves reading a lot and has read all the books in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, I felt both excited and a bit nervous when I started A Memory of Light. This last book was written by Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan passed away. Fans like me who had been following the series for years had big hopes for how it would all end. After going through all the complicated stories and how the characters changed in the earlier books, I was super eager to see how everything would finally come together in this big finale.

A Memory of Light is big and exciting, just like it promised. The story gets even bigger as the good guys and bad guys have a huge battle. Brandon Sanderson, the author, does a great job of putting all the different parts of the story together. He makes everything fit together like a puzzle, from the big battles with armies to the personal problems of the characters. Everything builds up to a exciting ending.

It’s really nice to see how the characters’ stories end up. In all the books before this one, we’ve watched lots of characters change and grow. Now, in this last book, we get to see where their journeys lead them. There are happy moments and sad ones too as characters deal with their fates bravely. Brandon Sanderson, the writer, does a great job of making sure each character feels real, with good things and bad things about them.

The big fights are really exciting. There are huge battles with lots of soldiers fighting, and also smaller fights between important fighters. The author, Brandon Sanderson, describes these fights so well that you can almost feel like you’re right there in the middle of all the action. Even though there’s a lot of fighting and people getting hurt, there are also moments where brave characters do amazing things to help others, which gives hope even in really tough situations.

Talking about A Memory of Light wouldn’t be complete without talking about how it makes you feel. Since it’s the last book in a series that has been around for a long time, it brings up a lot of memories and mixed feelings. Saying goodbye to characters we’ve grown to love and leaving behind a world we’ve spent so much time in can be sad, but it also feels right. The book ties up all the loose ends in the story and leaves us feeling amazed and satisfied, even though it’s hard to say goodbye.

A Memory of Light is an amazing end to an incredible fantasy series. It’s big, the characters feel real, and it makes you feel a lot of different emotions. It shows how storytelling can be really powerful. Get ready for a journey you won’t forget, right to the heart of the Light.

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