Review- The Stormlight Archive By Brandon Sanderson Book Series

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive is an amazing adventure story that has become super famous all over the world. It’s a fantasy saga that has grabbed the attention of readers everywhere. The author, Brandon Sanderson, has created a world in the story that’s super detailed and interesting. There are lots of different characters in the story, and they are not simple – they are complicated and interesting. The story is full of surprises that make it exciting. Whether you’re someone who reads a lot of fantasy books or someone who is just starting to explore this type of story, the Stormlight Archive is a series that will make you feel amazed and excited. It’s a massive series with ten planned books. Five books are already published Four Novel and Two Novella

Book Name

  1. The Way of Kings
  2. Words of Radiance
  3. Edgedancer (Novella)
  4. Oathbringer
  5. Dawnshard (Novella)
  6. Rhythm of War

Book 1

the way of kings book

Book 2

words of radiance book

Book 2.5

edgedancer book

Book 3

oathbringer book


dawnshard book

Book 4

rhythm of war book

Imagine a world that’s been through a lot, where big storms wreck everything and huge creatures called Shardplates battle high up in the sky. That’s the setting for Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive. It all happens in a place called Roshar, a tough and unforgiving land. People in this world use special gemstones called Spren that have light in them to survive. The story is about a group of characters, each with their own problems and secrets.

Let’s meet some of them:

  1. Kaladin Stormblessed: He’s a soldier who made some mistakes and got in trouble. He has a mysterious past.
  2. Shallan Davar: A young woman caught up in a bunch of lies.
  3. Dalinar Kholin: A powerful warlord who sees strange things in his mind.

As these characters cross paths, they get involved in a big conflict that could change the future of Roshar.

Now, what makes this story so special? Well, Brandon Sanderson’s magic system is one of the most creative and imaginative things I’ve ever come across. The Spren and Shardplates aren’t just cool things in the story; they’re deeply connected to the world’s history, culture, and even the characters’ mental health. The way Sanderson explores all these parts is really interesting.

The world-building is another standout. Roshar is a planet with a lot of details, from wide plains to fancy cities hiding under the storms. Sanderson describes everything so well that you can almost feel the sand under your feet and the wind in your hair.

But the real stars of The Stormlight Archive are the characters. They’re not perfect – they have problems and are interesting in their own ways. You’ll feel happy when they succeed, sad when they lose, and surprised by the choices they make. Sanderson isn’t afraid to show their inner struggles, making them feel like real people, not just heroes and villains.

Of course, no epic fantasy is complete without some epic battles. The Stormlight Archive doesn’t disappoint in that department. The fights are thrilling, showing off Sanderson’s talent for creating tension and amazing visuals. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, heart beating fast, as your favorite characters face their enemies.

Now, this series isn’t a light read. It’s long, has a lot going on, and deals with some serious topics. But if you want a fantasy story that completely pulls you in, The Stormlight Archive is a must-read. Just be ready to spend a good amount of time in its world – and maybe have some snacks ready because you won’t want to stop reading.

  1. Magic Like You’ve Never Seen: The way magic works in this world is super creative.
  2. A World That Feels Real: Roshar is described in so much detail that it feels like a real place.
  3. Characters You’ll Love: The people in the story are not just heroes; they’re real, with all their flaws.
  4. Exciting Battles: The fights are intense and will keep you glued to the story.
  5. Big Story, Big Ideas: The series tackles deep and complex themes.

If you’re a fan of big fantasy stories, you really should give The Stormlight Archive a shot. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

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