Review- Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive Book #3)

Oathbringer book

The third book in The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. It keeps going with the exciting story that started in The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. If you’ve been reading the series from the start, Oathbringer gives you more of the story, exploring the world of Roshar and the different characters in a really interesting way.

Spoiler Warning

Hold onto your helmets, Radiants, because Oathbringer unleashes a highstorm of epic proportions on Roshar! It’s not just the wind that’s howling; it’s the clash of armies, the whisper of ancient secrets, and the heartbeats of characters teetering between glory and oblivion. Buckle up, for this ain’t no stroll through the Weeping Plains – it’s a Sanderson rollercoaster that’ll leave you breathless, bewildered, and begging for more.

Remember Kaladin, our bridgeman soaring skyward with Syl by his side? He’s still struggling with his Windrunner oath, facing down both Parshendi hordes and inner demons. Shallan’s got a whole library of personalities packed in her head, each one vying for control as she uncovers cryptic clues about ancient powers. And as for Dalinar… well, his visions are getting trippier than a Truthseer on vacation in Shadesmar. Oh, and there’s the small matter of a looming Voidbringer invasion, eager to turn Roshar into a Parshendi playground.

Sanderson throws you headfirst into a war bigger than a highstorm. We’re talking armies clashing on the Shattered Plains like Chasmfiends in a mosh pit, epic duels that light up the night sky brighter than a Heralds’ beacon, and enough betrayals to fill a Fabrial with broken oaths. Kaladin’s got his work cut out for him, leading Windrunner squadrons into the thick of battle while wrestling with his inner turmoil. Shallan’s on a mind-bending journey through her fractured past, uncovering secrets that could crack the very fabric of Roshar. And Dalinar? His flashbacks take us to forgotten corners of history, revealing truths that rewrite everything we thought we knew about the world and its gods.

Oathbringer is a beast of a book, and even a Radiant gets winded sometimes. Some of the flashbacks meander like a lost caravan in the wilderness, and the pace doesn’t always match the adrenaline rush of Words of Radiance. But here’s the thing: this slow burn builds to an absolute inferno. When things finally click into place, it’s an explosion of revelations, action, and emotional gut punches that leave you gasping for air. Trust me, the wait is worth it.

Some of The Good and bad sides i feel about this book


  • Big Battles: Love epic fights with armies clashing and spells flying? You’ll be spoiled rotten with Oathbringer’s war scenes. Imagine Chasmfiends fighting in a lightning storm, and that’s just the tip of the Shardblade!
  • Secret Surprise Party: Get ready for hidden truths popping up like mushrooms after rain. You’ll discover ancient conspiracies and learn things about Roshar that’ll make your spren gasp.
  • Growing Heroes: Remember your favorite characters? They’re bigger and braver than ever in Oathbringer. Kaladin leads like a boss, Shallan faces her demons, and Dalinar uncovers his past like digging for buried treasure.
  • New Magic Playground: Ever wanted to meet spren with crazy powers and explore strange worlds beyond Roshar? Oathbringer’s got you covered! You’ll discover new magic rules and see hidden corners of the spirit world that’ll make your head spin.


  • Slow Start: This book takes its time, like a Windrunner meditating before a battle. Some flashbacks wander like lost tourists, and things don’t always fly as fast as a Skybreaker chasing a Shardblade.
  • Brain Twister: This book throws around new words and concepts like Shallan throws knives. While exciting for fans, newcomers might feel lost in the Cosmere jungle at times.

Oathbringer might not be a nonstop thrill ride like its predecessor, but it’s a slow-burn epic that will leave you changed. It’s a testament to Sanderson’s mastery of storytelling, weaving complex characters, mind-blowing magic, and epic conflicts into a tapestry that’s both familiar and breathtakingly new. It’s not perfect, but it’s pure Sanderson gold, packed with enough twists and turns to make a Skybreaker swear off oaths. So, grab your Shardblade, crack open Oathbringer, and prepare to be swept away by a storm of epic proportions. Just remember, Windrunners, the journey’s only just begun. Sanderson’s got plenty more surprises in store, and the next book can’t come soon enough.

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