Review: Grip of the Shadow Plague (Fablehaven Book 3)

grip of the shadow plague book cover

Grip of the Shadow Plague is the 3rd book of the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. It’s a good story that adds to the magical adventures we’ve seen in the earlier books. I read all of Fablehaven’s previous books, and I was excited to read this one. I was hoping it would be great, and it was even better than I expected.

Brandon Mull created an amazing and detailed magical world. This story is set in Fablehaven, a special place where mythical creatures live. Fablehaven has always been a mix of amazing and risky adventures, but in this book, it’s in big trouble. There’s a new bad thing called the Shadow Plague. It changes good creatures into bad ones. This problem makes the story exciting and a bit scary, as everything feels more urgent and dangerous.

I think Brandon Mull is good at making interesting characters, and you can see this in Grip of the Shadow Plague. The main characters, Kendra and Seth, who are brother and sister, change and grow a lot in this story. Kendra is learning more about her special powers and what it means to be a fairykind. Her story is about a young girl getting stronger and smarter in a world where it’s hard to tell right from wrong. Seth, her brother, is also growing up. He’s learning to be less reckless than before, but he still keeps his courage and love for exploring.

One of the best things about Brandon Mull’s writing is how he mixes fun parts of a kids’ fantasy book with serious topics. In this book, he talks about being scared, how having too much power can change people in bad ways, and how hard it is to know what’s right and wrong. The Shadow Plague is not just a dangerous thing in the story, but it also represents a deeper idea. It makes the characters face the bad or scary parts inside themselves.

In Grip of the Shadow Plague, the way Brandon Mull creates the world is fantastic, just like in his other books. He adds new magical creatures and places to the Fablehaven story. These new parts are fresh but fit perfectly with the world he already made. Mull describes everything in such detail that the world seems huge but also like something we know very well.

However, the book isn’t perfect. Sometimes, the story moves at a bumpy pace. There are parts where exciting things happen really fast, but then other parts that explain the story can make it feel slow. Also, even though the main characters like Kendra and Seth are well made, some of the other less important characters could be better if they had more of their own stories and details.

To wrap it up, Grip of the Shadow Plague is an exciting book that adds a lot to the Fablehaven series. Brandon Mull keeps making his readers happy, taking them on a trip that’s full of magic but also feels very real. This book is not just something fans will love, but it also prepares for more stories in this amazing world. If you’ve been following the Fablehaven series, you really should read this book. It has all the magic, mystery, and tough choices that you would expect from Brandon Mull’s writing.

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