Best Served Cold By Joe Abercrombie Book Review

best served cold book

For those who know Joe Abercrombie’s tough and shadowy fantasy realm from The First Law trilogy, Best Served Cold is like stepping back into the intense and morally complex scenes we adore. Diving into this book felt like a welcome return to the gritty landscapes that make Abercrombie’s world so gripping. The thrilling twists and turns keep you hooked, and fans of his earlier works will find this a satisfying continuation of the dark and compelling saga.

Joe Abercrombie’s unique way of writing, known for its clever humor, lively characters, and harsh reality, is still impressive in this solo book. Best Served Cold happens in the same world as the First Law trilogy, but it gives us a new view. We explore different places and meet a fresh set of characters, different from the ones in the first three books. Abercrombie’s storytelling keeps its sharpness, making this novel an exciting journey for both fans of the original trilogy and newcomers to his gritty and vivid world.

In this book, we dive into the life of Monza Murcatto, a tough and clever soldier. She goes through a really tough time when she’s betrayed in a cruel way that almost kills her. But Monza doesn’t take it lying down. Instead, she decides to get back at those who did her wrong. The story is a rollercoaster of surprises and clever moves, just like what we expect from Joe Abercrombie. He weaves the plot in a way that’s tricky and full of unexpected turns. As we read, it feels like we’re always on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what happens next. The mix of Monza’s determination and Abercrombie’s storytelling skills makes for a gripping tale that keeps us hooked from start to finish.

The speed of the story in this novel doesn’t give you a moment to catch your breath. It keeps going strong, just like the tough world Joe Abercrombie built. When things get intense, especially in the action scenes, you feel it deep down. The author doesn’t hide from the results of violence; he shows it as it is, no sugar-coating. The way Abercrombie shapes the world in this book matches what we saw in the First Law trilogy. If you’ve read those books, it’s like stepping into a familiar place. But even if you’re new to this world, Abercrombie makes sure you get enough info to follow along without feeling lost. It’s like a smooth ride for those who know the earlier stories and a welcoming path for those just starting their journey in this gritty and unapologetic universe.

Just as always the special thing about Best Served Cold is its characters. Joe Abercrombie is really good at creating Gray character in his stories. Monza Murcatto, the main character, is a great example. She’s on a mission for payback, but her journey also makes us think about what revenge does to a person. Every character, whether they’re new or from the First Law trilogy, feels so real. It’s like they’re actual folks trying to survive in a tough world. Abercrombie gives them a depth that makes us care about what happens to them, and that’s what makes the story so engaging.

Abercrombie’s writing in Best Served Cold is still super sharp. It has this dark humor that points out the tough situations the characters are in. The talking between characters is quick and clever. Abercrombie has this skill of using just the right words to paint a vivid picture of what’s happening. It’s like he can say a lot with only a few words, and that’s really cool.

Even if you haven’t read the First Law trilogy, you can totally enjoy Best Served Cold on its own. But, if you’re familiar with the earlier books, you’ll notice some cool links and hints that make the story even richer. Abercrombie does this clever thing where he connects things from his other works, adding more depth to what’s happening. It’s like he’s broadening the world he created, telling a story about payback, making things right, and the big price that comes with both. It’s a bit like finding hidden treasures for those who’ve journeyed through his earlier tales.

Overall Best Served Cold is a tough and exciting part of Joe Abercrombie’s collection. If you loved the First Law trilogy, this is a must-read. It adds more to the world and tells a gripping tale of payback. For those new to Abercrombie, get ready for a dark and immersive adventure. It’s a fantasy place where characters aren’t all good or bad, and the only sure thing is how harsh their world can be.

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