16 Clean Fantasy Books For Every Fantasy Lover

clean fantasy

These 16 books and series are among the top choices in fantasy stories that are appropriate for everyone. They introduce you to many different and exciting worlds, full of adventures that are safe for readers of all ages. Whether it’s your first time exploring these magical places or you’re coming back to them, each book provides a special journey into places filled with amazing things and magical moments.

1. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

the hobbit book

The Hobbit is about a small, comfy-living hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. One day, he’s swept up into a big adventure he never expected. He joins a group of dwarves who are on a mission to get their mountain home back from a huge, mean dragon named Smaug. Along the way, they face all sorts of challenges like tricky trolls, giant spiders, and even goblins. Bilbo finds his brave side and even stumbles upon a magical ring. It’s a fun story where we see a little hobbit doing big, brave things and discovering just how amazing he can be.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

the chronicles of narnia book series cover

The Chronicles of Niarnia is favorite book series begins with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It’s famous for its great stories and important life lessons. It’s a perfect series for kids who are just starting to read fantasy stories. The book takes you to a magical land called Narnia, full of talking animals, an evil witch, and a brave lion. It’s an adventure where kids find a magical wardrobe that leads them to this amazing place. They go on exciting adventures and learn about bravery, friendship, and doing the right thing. It’s a fun and exciting way for young readers to explore a magical world and learn valuable lessons at the same time.

3. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

harry potter and the philosopher's stone book

Harry Potter is super popular and known all over the world for creating an amazing magic world and really interesting characters. It’s great for older kids and teens. As the series goes on, the books start to talk about more grown-up stuff because the characters in the story are getting older too. In the beginning, the stories are about fun and exciting magical adventures, but later, they deal with bigger, more serious challenges, just like the ones we face as we grow up. It’s a series that grows with its readers, starting with lots of magic and fun, and then moving on to tackle tougher issues, all while keeping the magic alive.

4. Percy Jackson & The Olympians by Rick Riordan

percy jackson & the olympians book series

This book series is cool because it combines the world we live in today with old Greek myths. It’s a fantastic pick for young readers, especially for those who are curious about myths and legendary stories. In the books, you get to see what happens when ancient Greek gods and all those old myth stories show up in our modern world. It’s full of exciting adventures and is a fun way for kids to learn about Greek mythology, all while enjoying stories set in times they can relate to. It’s like mixing a bit of history with a lot of fun and adventure.

5. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

the neverending story book cover

This magical book is about a young boy who finds himself in an amazing fantasy world, all because of a special magical book he reads. It’s a story that shows how exciting and powerful stories can be, and how sometimes we use them to escape from the real world. As the boy reads, he gets pulled into a world full of adventure, different from his everyday life. It’s all about how stories can take us to incredible places in our imagination and help us see the world in new ways. This book is perfect for anyone who loves getting lost in a good story and dreaming about magical worlds.

6. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

ella enchanted book cover

It is a lovely new version of the Cinderella tale. It’s known for having a brave and independent girl as the main character. This version is different and special compared to the old Cinderella story we all know. In this story, the girl is not just waiting for a prince to change her life. Instead, she’s smart, brave, and makes her own decisions. This makes the story exciting and fresh, while it still has the magic and fun of the classic Cinderella story. It’s a tale that both kids and adults can enjoy, especially those who like seeing familiar stories told in new and interesting ways.

7. The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

the inheritance cycle series

This series is a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys stories about dragons and big adventures. It’s a really good, suitable read for teenagers and young adults, without any inappropriate content. The series takes you into a world where dragons are real and the main characters go on incredible journeys. It’s filled with action, interesting places, and lots of moments that keep you excited to read more. If you like stories where heroes go on long, challenging quests and there are amazing dragons, then this series is definitely something you would enjoy. It’s especially good for young people who love getting lost in a fantasy world.

8. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

howl's moving castle book

Howl’s Moving Castle is famous for its fun and creative story. It’s about Sophie, a young woman who suddenly becomes an old lady because of a witch’s spell. To fix this, she goes looking for Howl, a wizard who is both strange and interesting. The story takes you on a journey through a world filled with magic and unexpected turns. As Sophie tries to break the curse with Howl’s help, they meet fascinating characters and face many challenges. It’s a story that makes you think about things like courage, friendship, and the importance of being true to yourself. This book is perfect for anyone who loves tales where magic and reality mix, creating a world that’s both strange and wonderful.

9. Redwall series by Brian Jacques

redwall series

This book series takes place in an abbey, which is like a big, old house where a group of animals that act like people live. These animals go on exciting adventures and face lots of challenges. The stories are not just fun to read, but they also teach important lessons about right and wrong, being brave, and helping others. Kids like these books because they are full of action and have animals as characters, which makes them interesting and different. Each book in the series tells a new adventure with these animal characters, making it a great choice for young readers who love stories where animals are the heroes and learn important life lessons along the way.

10. The Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan

the ranger's apprentice series

The Ranger Apprentice series is set in a world that is like the olden times, with castles and knights. It’s about a young person who is learning to be a ranger, which is like a mix of a scout and a protector. The stories are all about the adventures this apprentice ranger goes on. What makes these books special is how they focus on the importance of having good friends, being brave, and learning skills to face challenges. The series is really exciting and fun to read because it takes you into a world of adventure where the characters grow and become better at what they do. It’s perfect for readers who enjoy stories about overcoming obstacles, making strong friendships, and going on thrilling journeys in a time of knights and adventures.

11. The Princess Bride by William Goldman

the princess bride book cover

The Princess Bride is popular and has a special place in people’s hearts. It mixes together funny parts, exciting adventures, and a bit of love story. What’s interesting about it is that it’s a story told inside another story. This makes it fun and unique. Both kids and grown-ups like this book because it has something for everyone. The way it blends humor, action, and romance makes it a great read, whether you’re young or old. It’s the kind of book that people talk about a lot and remember for a long time because it’s so different and enjoyable.

12. Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull

fablehaven series cover

The series is about a brother and sister who find out that their grandparents’ big house is a special place where magical creatures live. It’s a really good combination of make-believe and exciting adventures, perfect for kids around middle school age. The stories take the brother and sister on lots of adventures where they meet all sorts of magical animals and face interesting challenges. It’s fun and exciting, making it a great choice for young readers who love stories about magic, exploring new worlds, and going on adventures. The series is especially good for kids who like to imagine and dream about a world where anything is possible.

13. The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner

the queen's thief series

The Queen’s Thief series is famous because it has a very carefully thought-out story and characters that grow and change in interesting ways. It’s a really good choice for older kids and teenagers who want something a bit more complex to read. The way the story is put together is like a puzzle, with lots of pieces that fit together in surprising ways. As you read, you get to know the characters really well, almost like they are real people. This makes the series great for young readers who are ready for stories that make them think more and feel more deeply about the characters and the adventures they go through. It’s perfect for those who enjoy getting lost in a book that’s full of twists, turns, and characters that they can really care about.

14. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

a wrinkle in time

It’s a book that makes you think. The story explores big ideas like the fight between good and bad, and how strong and important love can be. As you read, you’ll find yourself thinking about these big ideas and how they show up in the story. It’s the kind of book that stays with you because it talks about important things in a really interesting way, using a mix of futuristic science stuff and magical fantasy elements. It’s great for readers who like stories that make them think and feel, and who enjoy seeing how science fiction and fantasy can come together to tell a powerful story.

15. The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper

The dark is rising series

The book series is a mix of stories about King Arthur and old British tales. It’s about a young boy who discovers that he belongs to a special group of warriors who live forever. These warriors have been around for a very long time, and the boy learns that he’s one of them. The story combines elements of the famous Arthurian legends, like knights and magic, with traditional British folklore, which includes old myths and legends from Britain. It’s an adventure that takes the boy into a world of ancient battles, magic, and mysterious powers. This series is great for readers who like exciting tales about heroes, legendary warriors, and the magical world of old British stories. It’s especially fun for those who enjoy seeing how modern characters can be part of ancient legends.

16. The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

The wingfeather saga series

Although The Wingfeather is not very famous, this series is well-liked by those who know it. It’s packed with exciting journeys, funny moments, and touching stories that make you feel good. People of different ages can enjoy it because it has something for everyone.

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