The Princess Bride Book Review

the princess bride book cover

I just love reading and have explored many different story worlds, I was both excited and a bit unsure about reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman. This book is famous and lots of people like it. It’s known for being a fun mix of adventure, love story, and funny moments. After spending time reading it, I’m happy to say that it was even better than I hoped it would be.

William Goldman’s The Princess Bride first came out in 1973, is special and doesn’t fit neatly into just one type of story. It seems like it’s Goldman retelling an old story by a made-up author named S. Morgenstern, but actually, Goldman made up the whole thing himself. He uses a clever trick in the book where he talks directly to the reader and shares bits about his own life. This makes the book not just a story, but also a bit of a story within a story, which is both fun and charming.

The Princess Bride is a classic story about love and exciting adventures. It’s about Buttercup, a beautiful woman, and Westley, the man she loves. Their story is full of challenges: Buttercup gets kidnapped, there’s a prince with bad plans, a really tall giant, a skilled sword-fighter who wants revenge, and a super smart planner. The story mixes all these parts together in a way that feels like a fairy tale but also very real because of the feelings the characters have.

What makes this book special is the way William Goldman tells the story. His writing is clear and he’s really funny in a subtle way, which made me laugh out loud. He creates characters that are very real and interesting, each with their own unique traits and past stories. Inigo Montoya, the sword-fighting guy who wants revenge for his dad’s death, and Fezzik, the big, kind-hearted guy who loves making up rhymes, are especially unforgettable. They’re more than just extra characters in the story; they add a lot of heart and make the story much richer.

The love story between Buttercup and Westley is really sweet and has many layers. Goldman is clever in how he makes fun of the usual fairy-tale love stories, but at the same time, he creates a love story that feels real and heartfelt. The difficulties and times they are apart just make it clearer how strong their bond is.

But this book isn’t perfect. Some people might not like how Goldman suddenly stops the story to talk about something else, and sometimes these side comments can make the story feel a bit choppy. Also, the character of Buttercup isn’t as well-developed as the male characters. She often seems like a typical damsel in distress, which is a bit out of place in a story that usually plays around with and changes the usual ways of telling stories.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman is an amazing book that’s more than just one type of story. It mixes adventure, love, and laughs in a perfect way, and it’s really smart about how it tells its story, which makes it fun to read. It’s great for anyone who likes fantasy, romance, or just a good story. This book is special because it knows it’s a story and lets the reader join in the fun of storytelling. It shows that sometimes the best stories are the ones that know they are stories and make reading them a joyful experience.

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