When the Heavens Fall By Marc Turner Book Review

when the heavens fall book

When the Heavens Fall by Marc Turner. This fantasy novel published in 2015, is the first part of the Chronicles of the Exile series. In this book, you’ll enter a world that’s full of amazing things like magic, powerful gods, and tricky political plots. The author has crafted a place that’s not just simple but also very detailed and interesting. So, if you enjoy stories with a mix of magic, gods, and political twists, this book is a great choice for you. Get ready to dive into an adventure in a world beyond our own!

Turner excels at crafting a complex and detailed universe in the story. The various realms, races, and magic systems are thoroughly developed, providing readers with a captivating backdrop for the unfolding narrative. The author introduces a pantheon of gods, each possessing distinct characteristics and agendas, thereby adding significant depth to the overall story.

The novel introduces a varied group of characters, each with different motivations and backgrounds. Among them are powerful mages who wield extraordinary magical abilities and astute mercenaries, skilled in the art of combat and driven by financial incentives. Together, these characters enhance the narrative complexity, contributing to the overall richness of the story. While individual preferences may lead some readers to favor specific characters over others, the collective ensemble cast significantly amplifies the novel’s overall appeal. The diversity in character roles, from potent mages to resourceful mercenaries, provides a multifaceted and engaging reading experience.

The story in the book weaves together many different threads, not following a straight path. This keeps readers interested because there are numerous things happening simultaneously. Turner, the author, doesn’t tell the story in a simple, chronological way. Instead, he reveals important details at strategic points, sometimes sharing parts of the story out of order. This adds excitement to the reading experience, as revelations occur precisely when they matter most.

The pace of the story is generally quick, moving along swiftly. Action scenes, such as exciting battles, and instances of political intrigue are effectively interspersed, maintaining a dynamic flow. The narrative is not a sequence of events happening one after the other; rather, there’s a continuous interplay of engaging elements, be it a thrilling conflict or characters navigating intricate political maneuvers.

In the world of When the Heavens Fall, there are many different kinds of magic. This magic comes in different forms, like sorcery and mystical artifacts. The author has clearly explained how this magic works in the story. He smoothly includes it in the narrative, making sure not to confuse the reader with too many unnecessary details. So, as you read, you get to explore this magical world without feeling overwhelmed by too much information. The magic in the story adds an extra layer of wonder to the overall adventure, making it even more interesting.

The novel explores significant concepts such as power, betrayal, and the outcomes of interfering with divine forces. It delves into the moral intricacies of the characters’ decisions, adding layers of depth to the story. The book prompts readers to think about important ideas and raises questions about what is right and wrong in the characters’ choices. The complexity of the story is comparable to peeling an onion, revealing multiple layers that contribute to its thought-provoking and meaningful nature.

Many people like how the story is complicated, but for some, it might be hard to understand. This is because there are a lot of characters and different parts of the plot happening at the same time. Also, people have different opinions about how fast the story goes and how it’s told. Some might think it’s just right, while others might prefer it to be faster or slower. So, whether you find it easy or difficult to follow might depend on how you like stories to be told.

When the Heavens Fall is a really interesting fantasy book that shows how good Marc Turner is at creating worlds and telling stories. If you enjoy big fantasy stories with lots of twists and different characters, you’ll probably really like reading this book. It’s a great choice for people who love epic adventures and complex plots.

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