Top 5 Brandon Sanderson Books Ranking According My Opinion And Goodreads Review

brandon sanderson books

I have read many Brandon Sanderson books. Some are great, some are average, and some are the worst. No doubt, Brandon Sanderson is one of the best fantasy writers today. Brandon Sanderson is known for making very detailed worlds and telling stories that are really interesting. Many people love his books a lot. After reading all of his books, these are the top 5 books in my opinion, and also according to Goodreads reviews.

1. The Way of Kings

the way of kings book

The Way of Kings happens in a place called Roshar. It’s a big world with lots of cool stuff, like storms that are really strong and make the land different. There are also these things called spren, which are magical creatures that show feelings. The story has many main characters, Kaladin, who used to be a soldier but becomes a slave, and Shallan, a young woman who’s good at drawing and has a secret past. They have to deal with politics and scary things from magic. And while they do that, they find out old secrets that could change everything in their world. The Way of Kings is the first book of the Stormlight Archive series.

2. Words of Radiance

words of radiance book

Words of Radiance is the second book of The Stormligh Archive series we keep learning about Roshar and the Knights Radiant. They use powerful weapons called Shardblades and Shardplate. This book talks about important things like being a good leader, giving up things for others, and finding a way to make up for mistakes. Characters like Kaladin and Shallan have to fight their own problems and deal with really big challenges. There are lots of exciting fights and surprises in the story, which shows Sanderson is really good at telling stories.

3. The Final Empire

the final empire book cover

Mistborn: The Final Empire is about a world where there’s a evil ruler who never dies, called the Lord Ruler. The story follows a group of rebels who want to take him down. There’s Vin, who’s clever, and Kelsier, who’s mysterious. They have a special power called Allomancy, where they can eat metals and get magic abilities. They come up with a plan to steal from the bad ruler and make things better. But things get tricky when people change sides and can’t be trusted. It’s a really exciting story about fighting for what’s right and finding a way to make up for mistakes.

4. The Hero of Ages

the hero of ages book cover

The Hero of Ages is the last book in the Mistborn Saga . It’s about what happens after the rebels win and the bad empire falls. Vin, Elend, and their friends have to figure out how to make things right again. But as they do, they find out some scary secrets about where their powers come from and what their world is really like. There are big fights and sad moments in the story, but it all ends in a way that feels good and completes the series nicely.

5. Warbreaker

warbreaker book cover

Warbreaker is set in a lively place called Nalthis, where colors have special magic and gods live with regular people. Two princesses, Siri and Vivenna, get caught up in a mix of politics and tricks from the gods. The book talks about important things like who we are, what we have to do, and what we’re willing to give up for others. Siri and Vivenna have to deal with the tricky world of palace life and the strange God King. The story has funny conversations, a cool magic system, and characters who aren’t just good or bad—they’re more complicated than that. Warbreaker is a great addition to Sanderson’s collection of stories that all happen in the same universe.

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