Short Review Lux By Brandon Sanderson

lux book cover

I love reading books and sharing my thoughts about them, and recently I finished Lux by Brandon Sanderson, and the novel surprised me. The novel is only available in audible.

Lux is a exciting story that happens in the future. There, technology and magic are both real and mix together. The world is full of people who have special powers called epics. In Lux, Sanderson tells a story that’s full of suspense, action, and makes you think about important things.

The story in Lux is well-made, and it keeps you interested all the way through. Sanderson pays a lot of attention to small details, and he’s really good at making characters that feel real and easy to understand. That’s why Lux is a book you won’t want to put down.

David Charleston, the main character, is a young guy who wants to get back at the epic who took his dad’s life. David’s strong will and how he changes during the story make him someone we really root for. Along with David, there are many other interesting characters, all different from each other, with their own special powers and reasons for what they do.

Sanderson’s way of making the world in Lux is amazing. He’s so good at describing a future world that feels real and believable. Whether it’s the rough streets of Newcago or the strange places outside, every part of the story feels like you’re right there, experiencing it with the characters.

Besides the exciting story and interesting characters, there are some big ideas to think about. The book talks about how power can change people for the worse, why hope is important even when things are tough, and how right and wrong aren’t always clear. Sanderson does a great job putting these ideas into the story, making us think about them long after we finish reading.

I think Sanderson writes in a way that’s easy to understand and keeps you interested. Lux is a book that anyone, no matter how old they are or where they’re from, can enjoy. His words paint a clear picture of the world, and he’s good at making you excited to see what happens next. If you like science fiction and fantasy, you need to listen to Lux by Brandon Sanderson. It’s got an exciting story, characters you’ll care about, and lots of big ideas to think about. This book shows how great Sanderson is at telling stories.

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