Seraphina By Rachel Hartman Short Review

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I just recently read Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina, I am excited to share with you a look into a book that is both magical and makes you think. This book came out in 2012 and is Hartman’s first try in the world of young adult fantasy stories. But the way she creates the fantasy world builds up her characters, and weaves in deep themes makes it seem like she’s been writing books for a long time.

Seraphina takes place in a place called Goredd, a special world where dragons and humans have managed to live together in a shaky peace. These dragons can transform into humans, and they live among people, but there’s a lot of tension and unfair judgments between them. Hartman has created this world with great care and detail, making it a place that feels both familiar and very new and different. She carefully describes the way society is organized, the complicated politics, and the unique customs and habits of both humans and dragons. This detailed setting is like a colorful backdrop, making the story even more interesting.

At the center of this story is Seraphina, a character who is both complicated and fascinating. She has a personal struggle with who she is – since she is half-dragon and half-human – and this really shows the book’s big ideas about being accepted and understood. Hartman does an amazing job in bringing Seraphina to life, not just as someone caught between two worlds, but as a real person with her own wishes, fears, and smart thinking. Her journey to understand and accept herself is shown with a lot of care and depth. This makes Seraphina a main character that readers will really want to cheer for.

The story of Seraphina mixes together bits of mystery, love story, and exciting adventures. The storyline moves at a good speed, mixing a secret plot that could ruin the delicate peace between humans and dragons with Seraphina’s own growth as a person. Hartman is really good at telling stories, and this shows in how she deals with complicated ideas like unfair judgment, finding out who you are, and the effort to keep peace. She does all this without making the story feel like it’s giving a lecture or losing its hold on the reader’s interest.

I think Rachel Hartman’s writing is very graceful and vivid. She creates sentences that are not only pretty but also meaningful. Her way of describing music, which is a big part of the story, is especially amazing – it’s like the words about music almost jump off the page, making the reader feel like they can hear the tunes that are very important to Seraphina’s character.

Seraphina is an amazing book in the world of young adult fantasy stories. It gives readers a world that is full of detail, a main character who is very interesting, and a story that is fun to read and makes you think. This book will really connect with those who like stories with depth and want more than just a simple fantasy adventure. Rachel Hartman has created a world and a character that stay in your mind even after you finish the book. For anyone who likes fantasy, no matter their age, Seraphina is a story that you should definitely read.

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