LOTR The Return of The King Book Review

the return of the king book

The last tale of The Lord Of The Rings series. In The Return of the King J.R.R. Tolkien shows us the big, exciting ending to an amazing adventure that started with The Fellowship of the Ring and kept going in The Two Towers. when you read it you just, get into this book and you can enjoy the biggest, most awesome moment.

It’s not just a regular ending; it’s the grand finale! You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s finally here. There’s this mix of feeling super excited and being totally amazed at how everything is coming together.

From the beginning of the journey with the Fellowship to all the twists and turns in the Two Towers, it’s like all those moments are building up to something huge in The Return of the King. It’s like the best part of a fireworks show, where all the colorful explosions happen at once.

The story keeps going smoothly right from where it left off in The Two Towers. Frodo and Sam are creeping closer to the dangerous Mount Doom, while Aragorn and the rest of the Fellowship are getting ready for a big battle at Gondor. Tolkien, the author, is still being super awesome at telling the story, and it’s like he’s a master painter putting together lots of different threads to make this really cool picture.

Imagine Frodo and Sam, like tiny ants, trying to get to the top of Mount Doom, and at the same time, Aragorn and the gang are getting ready for a huge showdown in Gondor. It’s kind of like a big puzzle, and Tolkien is fitting all the pieces in just the right way.

And his way of telling the story is like magic. He’s weaving together all these different parts, like characters and what’s happening in different places, into this really detailed and amazing tapestry. It’s like looking at a super intricate quilt where each piece is important, and when you step back, you see this breathtaking picture

One really awesome thing about The Return of the King is how Tolkien makes you feel even more connected to the characters. As someone reading the book and caring a lot about what happens to Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, and the others, it’s like the emotions are cranked up to the max. You can almost touch how much it all matters.

Think about Frodo and Sam – they’re not just going on an adventure; they’re dealing with stuff on the inside, like feelings and struggles. It’s like they have their own battles within themselves, and you can feel it as you read. It’s not just about the outside journey; it’s about what’s happening in their hearts.

Then there’s Aragorn, and it’s not just about him swinging a sword or being a hero. There’s this big weight on his shoulders, like he’s got this destiny that’s super important. It’s like you can feel the pressure and importance of what he’s meant to do.

And don’t forget the sacrifices. Different characters are giving up things, making hard choices, and it’s like a punch to the heart. You’re right there with them, feeling the weight of what they’re going through.

All these emotional parts make the story so much richer. It’s not just about what’s happening on the outside; it’s about what’s going on inside the characters. And as a reader, it’s like you’re on this emotional roller coaster with them. Tolkien really knows how to make you care and feel, and that’s what makes The Return of the King something special.

In The Return of the King, Middle-earth becomes this amazing, fully-formed world that’s like at its very best. Tolkien pays super close attention to all the little details, and it’s like he’s painting this super clear picture that sucks you right into the story. It’s not just a backdrop; it’s like you’re standing right there in the middle of everything.

Take Mordor, for example. It’s this really creepy, desolate place, and when Tolkien describes it, you can practically feel the eerie vibes. It’s like you’re right there, seeing the darkness and feeling the chill in the air. And then there’s Minas Tirith, this super cool city that’s like the opposite of Mordor. It’s majestic and grand, and when you read about it, you can imagine all the amazing details, like the towering buildings and the bustling activity.

The book show us really important thing about friendship, sacrifice, and the ongoing fight between good and evil. Tolkien makes these themes super strong and meaningful all through the book. It’s not just a regular fantasy story; it’s got this extra layer that makes you think.

Think about friendship. The way characters stick together, help each other out, and go through tough times, it’s like a big warm hug in the story. You can feel the power of friendships, and it’s not just something in the background; it’s a big deal.

Then there’s sacrifice. Characters are giving up things, making hard choices for the greater good. It’s not easy, but it adds this weight and importance to the story. Sacrifice is like a big, brave move that makes everything more intense.

And of course, the battle between good and evil. It’s not just about fighting with swords; it’s about doing what’s right, even when it’s hard. Tolkien dives deep into this timeless struggle, making it more than just a simple fight. It’s like a big, important theme that runs through the whole story.

Tolkien shows off his amazing talent for making the big, important battles super exciting and real. The fights, especially the Battle of Pelennor Fields and the face-off at the Black Gate, are like watching a really cool movie. Tolkien’s words make it feel like you’re right there, seeing all the action up close.

Picture the Battle of Pelennor Fields. It’s this gigantic clash, and when Tolkien describes it, it’s like you’re in the middle of this massive war. You can almost hear the swords clashing, the shouts, and the chaos. It’s not just a battle; it’s like a huge spectacle, and Tolkien’s words make it jump off the page.

Then there’s the confrontation at the Black Gate. It’s this super intense moment, and the way Tolkien writes about it, you can feel the tension in the air. It’s like the words are turning into this big, dramatic scene, almost like a heart-pounding part in a movie.

The Return of the King is a big success in fantasy books. If you’ve followed the first two, this ending is super satisfying. It wraps things up neatly but also gives you some stuff to think about. Tolkien’s skill in mixing a detailed world, interesting characters, and important themes makes it a timeless masterpiece. People are going to be hooked on this story for a long, long time.

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