King Of Thorns By Mark Lawrence Book Review

king of thorns book

I read the first book Prince Of Thorns and then went on to explore the sequel, King of Thorns, I must say Mark Lawrence does a fantastic job continuing The Broken Empire Trilogy. The second part is a captivating and dark adventure that takes us deep into the thoughts and experiences of the main character, Jorg Ancrath. Lawrence’s storytelling keeps you hooked, making it a truly engaging and intriguing read.

The story in King of Thorns continues right from where Prince of Thorns left us. It throws us back into a world that’s kind of broken and full of danger, political games, and Jorg’s intense desire for power. Mark Lawrence, the author, keeps his writing sharp, meaning it’s clear and to the point. He paints pictures with words that really make you feel and imagine what’s going on. And oh boy, he doesn’t hold back on the harsh stuff—it’s tough, just like the world he’s created. The author reflects the unforgiving nature of the world through his writing style, making you feel the weight of the story and the challenges the characters face. It’s a rollercoaster of intense storytelling that keeps you turning the pages.

King of Thorns really shines in how it develops Jorg’s character. The author, Mark Lawrence, skillfully uncovers more about Jorg—showing us different sides of his personality that aren’t all clear-cut. Lawrence digs deep into the layers of Jorg’s character, revealing both his weaknesses and the darker parts of his mind. As we journey through the story, we get to see Jorg dealing with struggles inside himself and facing challenges from the world around him. This adds a lot of complexity to the tale, making Jorg more than just a typical antihero. He becomes a character with many dimensions, and despite his flaws, readers can relate to him and understand where he’s coming from. Lawrence manages to create a nuanced and rich portrayal of Jorg, making the reading experience much more engaging and thought-provoking.

The author, Mark Lawrence, takes us even deeper into the world he built in the first book. The Broken Empire becomes even more detailed and alive as we explore various places and societies. Lawrence does a great job at making this world diverse and real, pulling readers into a fully immersive experience. Each new location has its own unique feel, like they’re all important puzzle pieces in the bigger story. It’s not just a backdrop; the places Lawrence creates become a crucial part of the narrative. The way he describes different regions and societies adds layers to the story, making it feel rich and vibrant. Lawrence’s skill in world-building really enhances the whole reading journey, making it not just about the characters, but also about the fascinating places they inhabit. It’s like taking a trip to different worlds within the same story, and it keeps the reading experience fresh and exciting.

The way the story is told is pretty cool. Instead of just going from start to finish, Mark Lawrence uses a double timeline. That means we jump back and forth between what’s happening with Jorg right now and what went down in his past. It might sound a bit tricky, but it adds a whole new layer of interesting stuff to the story.

By doing this, Lawrence lets us see how Jorg has changed over time and what events made him the person he is. It’s like having two stories in one – the present-day adventure and the backstory that explains how things got this way. It does ask for a bit of attention from the reader because you’ve got to keep track of the different timelines, but it’s totally worth it.

This storytelling technique isn’t just for show; it’s like a sneak peek into Jorg’s mind and how he became the character we’re following. So, paying attention to the dual timelines gives us a deeper understanding of why Jorg does what he does and what drives him. It’s like getting a backstage pass to the main character’s thoughts and history, making the whole reading experience more rewarding.

King of Thorns keeps up the fast pace we saw in the first book. The story moves forward with a real sense of urgency, making it hard to put the book down. There’s always something happening, and the twists and turns in the plot keep you hooked. Mark Lawrence does a great job balancing the action-packed moments with times when the characters reflect on what’s going on. This mix of excitement and thinking stuff over adds a dynamic feel to the whole story. So, it’s not just a wild ride with no breaks; there’s a good balance that keeps the reader engaged. Lawrence’s skill in keeping the plot moving at a quick pace while also giving space for characters to think adds a lot to the overall energy of the novel. It’s like a rollercoaster of action and reflection, making “King of Thorns” a thrilling and dynamic read.

If you like dark fantasy and characters dealing with tough moral choices, King of Thorns might be your thing. It’s not for everyone due to its grim and brutal nature, but if you’re into that, you’ll likely enjoy it. Mark Lawrence tells the story without holding back, creating characters and a world that feel real and intense. This book, as part of The Broken Empire Trilogy, keeps you hooked and eager to find out what happens to Jorg Ancrath in the final chapter. Lawrence’s bold storytelling and strong characters make King of Thorns a compelling addition to the series for those who enjoy a darker and more complex fantasy tale.

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