Review: Elantris By Brandon Sanderson

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Brandon Sanderson’s first book, Elantris, takes you on a cool adventure in a world where magic, politics, and personal battles collide. I’ve read a lot of fantasy books before, so when I heard about all the praise for this one, I was curious. And let me tell you, after getting lost in its story, I can say without a doubt that Elantris is something special that everyone can enjoy. Sanderson’s debut novel is like stepping into a whole new universe where anything is possible. There’s magic everywhere, but it’s not just about casting spells—it’s about how magic affects people’s lives and the world around them.

In the city Elantris, there used to be magic everywhere, and it was a wonderful place to live. But then something bad happened, and the city fell apart. People who used to have special powers suddenly got sick with something called the Shaod.

The city is all broken and falling apart, and the people who live there are suffering. The story follows three main characters:

  1. Prince Raoden: He’s one of the main people we follow in the story. He’s a prince, but he’s not like other princes. He’s kind and wants to help people, even though he’s stuck in this cursed city.
  2. Princess Sarene: She’s another important character. She’s smart and brave, and she’s trying to figure out what happened to Elantris and how to help the people there. She’s not from Elantris, but she gets involved in trying to fix things.
  3. Hrathen: He’s a mysterious person who comes into the story. He has his own agenda, and he’s trying to do something with Elantris, but we’re not sure what it is at first.

Together, these three characters try to navigate the problems of Elantris and find a way to make things better for everyone.

Sanderson creates characters who feel real and have lots of different sides to them. Each of them is dealing with their own problems while everything is falling apart in Elantris. Prince Raoden wants to make things better in the city. He’s determined and won’t give up, even when things seem hopeless. Princess Sarene is smart and knows a lot about politics. She’s strong and never gives up, even when things get tough. Hrathen is a bit mysterious. He’s really passionate about his beliefs, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what he’s really up to. All these different characters and their struggles make the story interesting and keep it moving forward.

Sanderson is good at creating whole worlds for his stories, and Elantris is a great example of that. He made a special magic system called Aons. It’s like a special language or symbols that people in Elantris use to do magic. It’s all detailed and fits perfectly into the story. He also made up a lot of different kingdoms and countries around Elantris. They all have their own kings and queens and stuff, and they all interact with each other in different ways. It’s like a big puzzle, and everything fits together really well in the story.

In the heart of Elantris, the story talks about important themes like making up for mistakes, never giving up, and how strong people can be when things are tough. As we follow the characters through their challenges, Sanderson wants us to think about what power means, how much we believe in things, and what we’re willing to do to make things better.

Elantris shows how great of a storyteller Brandon Sanderson is. It has really interesting characters, a world that feels real, and it makes you think about important stuff. If you like big fantasy stories or if you’re just starting to read them, Elantris is a book you shouldn’t miss.

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